Good day all, long time no post!

Alright den, (All right then!) – With great enthusiasm, I would like to report that I’m officially back on the proverbial saddle! My apologies for the lack of content on HG Fields, since I returned home to Bim (Barbados); I’ve been catching up with old friends, networking and finally, attended the wedding of two dear old friends of mine.

Thus I’m now currently setting up my studio space at home, and taking tons of reference photos. A lot of reference photos, a lot of work to grind out. And so from this point on, the plan is to set two week long projects for myself, in a similar fashion to how we (Wimbledon Arts Foundation alumni) were set ours by our tutors, creating a project brief of sorts before commencement.

So with that said and done, I will be posting far more regular. Beginning with today in the midweek, then we should have some activity again on Friday. We’ll see how I feel about Mondays. Ah reckon you’ll hear from me again before the end of the day, bringing you an update. I may also, just have a little piece of work for you to take a gander at.

Irie, folks.

H.G Fields.

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