Top o’ Tha Morning To Ye!

New week thus new ideas.

I’m currently busy working on some free lance design and as a result I personally have nothing of mine (new to show)! However I can’t exactly not post anything today either, so I’d like to share something with ya!

I actually came across this video, around the same time I began writing my dissertation. Its ah truly inspiring and inspired bit of video, ya dig?

I’m almost envious of the brain behind the idea to be fairly honest, simple concept with an age old message. It gets straight to the point. I actually posted this on FB a few months ago, ranting on about anyone with a (If even slightly) functioning cerebrum should without a doubt, watch this. Of course if that ain’t you, try finding/growing one and then watch the vid.

The vid was created by free lance artist, Haik Hoisington and work can be found on this ‘ere site –

If you’re still new to the subject it’s most definitely worth the watch , so here it is; your morning inspiration!


I’ll leave ya with some relevant words of wisdom from the Legend.

They say the sun-un-un-un shines for all,
But-a yin some people world, it never shine at all!
They say love is a stream,
That will find its course, and every river runs to sea;
Some people still think life is a dream,
So they – so they makin’ – makin’ it worse

– Bob Marley

Irie, folks.
H.G Fields

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