Counter Culture (Continuation)

High Up In the Clouds

This work is based on ‘An Allegory of Venus and Time’ – Giovanni Tiepolo, returned.

Another work in progress, I started this one sometime ago, with several changes made but never decided to finish it, that is until now. The initial plan was to carry the original image into a 1960’s social context. Hence the the VW Van in the background which serves as a representation of a chariot.

Swing low, sweet chariot of the hippies.

Venus (whom is currently missing) is offered a draw from a chalice of sorts, while handing over a boy (which is also missing) to the figure of Time (on the right with wings) who’s attended by a cherubin, delivering a spliff of exagerated proportions.

Sometimes we wonder, “Woah, What’s going on here?! Time has slowed right the ‘F’ down!” when you find that this has happened, seemingly for no reason at all; it could be that Time’s just gone wild, on an OZ. Quite baked.

[Follow up in the evening]

Irie, Folks
H.G Fields

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