Carry My Sheep in Town?

Looking back at some reference material that inspired me, more or less at the beginning of the writing process at school. I recall stumbling upon this an evening in January and I found it really amusing but at the same time rather sad. Sad in that; the miseducated masses would be feeding deep into the misguided messages presented to them in the television drama, like a sheep contentedly grazing in a field of trash.

Though the notion of having a PSA woven into the storyline of a family drama was neither uncommon nor unheard of; this show really managed to push the envelope thus making a mountain of the proverbial molehill. 

– So why is it that I declare it be trash? Tell you what, have a look for yourself and decide. Eh? If for some reason you don’t see or can’t find any ridicule in this, dezinformatsiya or disinformation, then I’m not sure what to say really…

After watching this piece of video several times in quick succession and absolutely splitting my sides laughing, I began to consider the impact this most probably had on certain people at the time. The viewer is led to believe that one would find it difficult, boardering on nigh impossible to hold down a job if they were to smoke even a joint. Then continuing to belittle the ganja smoking demographic, he suggests that smoking doesn’t require any skill. Well, it certainly does when you’re faced with windy conditions and crappily manufactured safety matches. I’ve always professed that smoking can be as great a motivator as it can be a demotivator, so the arguement that one cannot work or function whilst titrating, holds hardly any weight.

Touching on the issue of respect and/self respect; To this day, I’m not entirely certain where el padre tight-ass is going with this one here; how does enjoying a spliff come down to having a lack of respect for oneself?

<– Our targeted audience…sheep. This sheep does not mind being fed the lies, nor is it interested in questioning the waste strewn about on its pasture. The pastor on the t.v. reveals to us a joint. The one in the original footage seemed far too small to be a big deal, so I figured I’d give him something worth complaining about.

Quit feeding the sheep garbage and let it enjoy the good old lamb’s bread (grass).

– H.G Fields

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