In High Seas or Low Seas

Yes, I! Had me a fairly interesting read, indeed. This morning I came across this read, in HighTimes Magazine. It was an interview with philosopher (among many titles), Noam Chomsky. HighTimes got down to it and begun asking him for his views on the ‘War on Drugs’…

“Either those conducting the Drug War are lunatics, or they have another purpose.”

A very compelling argument there, Noam. – Much like the news, I somehow catch kicks putting in; out of context quotes in my writing.

On a more serious note though, Chomsky makes some rather valid points in his analysis of the drug problem as he affirms a lot of what I like to rant about quite often.

“it’s known, just from experience, that prevention works. Here we get to the question of what’s the drug problem. Well, in fact, by far the worst problem is tobacco: Tobacco kills way more people than hard drugs, 20 times as many or some huge number. So that’s a really dangerous substance. The second most dangerous is alcohol, because of its direct consequence to the user, but also because it harms others. Marijuana doesn’t make you violent; alcohol does. So it contributes to abuse, violence – drunk driving kills people. It’s a killer.

The interview which you might want to find, is all here -> To me it was rather insightful and entertaining, making for irie reference as well.

       “Anyway, what happened is that, without any criminalization, the usage of these substances has declined pretty significantly among more educated people. And it’s the same with say, red meat. It was a lifestyle change, and it became a healthier lifestyle with no criminalization. That’s just education – basically, prevention. So I think there’s almost no other rational conclusion other than the one I mentioned: that the Drug War is not intended to deal with the use of drugs. It’s intended for other purposes, namely those that are the actual and predictable consequences of it.

As I have been going on for some time, education is key. I cannot stress it enough. Don’t hate, participate, educate.

“Marijuana legalization is a cause that’s moving forward, and I think it makes sense.

Here, here to that! A man of convention says it, no wonder he’s one of our most forward thinkers of today!

Now, I’ll leave you all with a tune that summarises the mood of this, HG-Pillar!

– Herbs Promotion, listen well.

“For I am not into drugs nor am I much of a drinker, strictly marijuana. Yeow!”

Irie, Folks
H.G Fields

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