It Is, What It Is.

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Trying not to wet myself here, but the very fact that there is talk of an inquiry about drug reform has me a lil excited…

Liberal Democrats are expected to call for an independent inquiry see here -> into the decriminalisation of possession of all drugs. Though I do not personally promote the use of ALL drugs, at the end of the day; looking at Portugal and their reform, which came about as far back as 2001, we see how they’re getting on, certainly not the worst model…

I can’t help but feel this is at least a step in the right direction. No, it is not legalisation but the fact that at least the ganja smoker could be excused for his minor offence or “victimless crime”, then I’m most definitely for it. Discussion is paramount.

 The following are a few topics of discussion that were mentioned in the article in the following excerpt:

“The proposed inquiry would look at:

• Whether possession for personal use should not be a criminal offence.

• Whether possession should still be prohibited but police could only summon individuals to appear before panels tasked with determining education, health or social interventions.

• Potential frameworks for a strictly regulated cannabis market and the potential impacts on organised crime and the health of the public, especially children.

I’m sure I’ve brought up one or two of the aformentioned topics before in some form or fashion. If we could have a similar inquiry within our local government here (Bim), then we’d be most definitely going in the right direction. I maintain that the law enforcement should really focus their efforts and resources on real criminals and not those who wish to simply enjoy a smoke and hurt nobody.

It is perhaps highly unlikely/implausable but certainly (I hope) not impossible. The day will come one day, and I hope I’m alive to see/enjoy it.

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.

   –  Thomas Jefferson

Irie, folks!
H.G Fields

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