If You Think The World’s Crazy Now…

..You’re nothing short of correct. It is in fact a mad planet we’re living on. Of course its not only now that its turned crazy, mind you. The recent civil unrest across the U.K with the riots which stemmed from Tottenham, ironically where my football team (Spurs) is from. In the horn of Africa, they have roughly 10 million people suffering as a result of the drought and food shortages in the Horn of Africa. – as of reading the following analysis. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2011/07/14/f-vp-stewart.html.

Meanwhile on my side of the pond; the U.S’ recent debt crisis came about not too long ago, which in turn also affects us in the Caribbean region, with strong ties to the U.S $ and the lot. Our ecconomy ain’t looking too hot either and the sad reality of it is, crime’s on the rise. I was initially going to go on with the usual tirade that I’ve been on about for the past year – in terms of law enforcement maybe trying to focus a higher percentage of their resources on the more prevalent, violent offences to society for a change and give the herbsman a little bligh –

But instead I’ll share this tune and exerpt from Steel Pulse’s (A favorite reggae band hailing from Handsworth, Brum) song ‘Earth Crisis’, which is going well with the work I’m currently on. While tune this tune is well old, the message is still quite current. It shows to us that the world and thus life does opperate in cycles, it hasn’t only now turned upside down, it’s been upside down for a while and will continue to do so as long as it continues to spin on its axis.

– Earth Crisis

The Earth is the Lord’s
And the fullness thereof now
Gave man his love and they
Reward him with violence
And in these last days
Lend ears to what I say
Man in his ignorant state
Has signed and sealed his own fate
Doctrines of the fallen angels
To quench eternal flames of hell
Doctrines of the fallen angels
To quench eternal flames of hell

Earth crisis Earth crisis
All this suffering
Earth crisis Earth crisis

Misguided people
They don’t seem to care
They carry the symbol
Of the eagle and the bear
Across the globe
Far east to far west
High tax and cutbacks for military defence

Doctrines of the fallen angels
To quench eternal flames of hell
Doctrines of the fallen angels
To quench eternal flames of hell

– Steel Pulse

Stay tuned

H.G Fields

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