P is for Pacifist

“…get really stoned and like, who cares about the war?”

– Vito, Vietnam Conscript.

Now how’s this for a different kind of crazy, while I was working on concepts for ‘My First War Book’ I came up with a comic styled narrative based on a few frames taken from the following minute and a half clip of this documentary I stumbled upon youtube 

and two Vietnam War films; Platoon and Full Metal Jacket.  The latter being an intense and highly recommended Stanley Kubrick film.

P is for Pacifist

At first this was going to feature under the caption of -“D is for Drug War” but I came across the Anslinger quote that seemed really relevant at the time. It goes to the old tune of ganja’s terrifying pacifying properties, claiming the soldiers’ will to fight for their country. Well considering not many soldiers wanted to be there in the first place, its hardly surprising they would eventually spend their off duty hours lighting up and trying  to pass the time away quickly in their make-shift time machines whilst trying to cope with the mess they were thrown into.

Irie, Folks

H.G Fields

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