On A Cloud

End of another week of day dreaming and cloud sitting.
This is another piece of conscripted Renaissance art. Taken from Tiepolo’s, ‘Apollo and Diana’.

Natural Ites










This is a long standing work in progress (when isn’t it, ye?) really, and texture test. I created the rocky/cloud formation with a photoshop brush I created using the skin of a breadfruit…

From the original work – see here (http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Giovanni-Battista-Tiepolo/Apollo-And-Diana-1757.html), I replaced Apollo’s harp with a traditional herbsman chalice, and the quiver of arrows to be transformed into a container of thick pre-rolled spliffs.

Diana’s transformation ever so slight, but instead of just sitting there staring into nothingness; she’s blazing while staring into ‘Abyss‘.


We’ll see how this work progesses in time.


Update: Counter Culture piece – ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ is reaching completion, so keep yer ears close to the ground, and yer eyes close to the screen.


Irie Ites, Folks

H.G Fields


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