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Good day!

And it is indeed, after working away for the past two weeks I have finally managed to reach the end of my journey, completing Counter Culture #1. Which will be soon printed and thus archived in the portfolio and hopefully meet the public eye in the foreseeable future. I would really like for you all to see it, and despite being antsy about it, for now it must remain under wraps. I can only say, that I have really impressed myself this time around.

I came across a rather engaging article recently whilst conducting my theoretical research on the artist’s perception of beauty and the many versions of Venus by various artists not only in Italy but other regions of Europe during and after the Italian Renaissance period. I would conclude that the material I discovered became very useful considering the strong links my work has with its predecessors. This can be found via this link –Perceptions of beauty in Renaissance art by  Neil Haughton – Tis certainly worth a look and a read, gives some light on and possibly further understanding of what factors shape or form our contemporary views and standards of beauty and/or what is beautiful, familiarity being one of the more common breeders of comfort.

"The Prophet"

Since I haven’t posted any new illustrations for some time and feeling rather ashamed for my selfishness to you all, I have here for ye all an illustration I started working on this morning. Just an idea forming at this point, I’ll definitely finish of Counter Culture #2 – Get Up, Stand Up! before I give this one much thought. This one also comes from GBT’s – The Prophet Isaiah.


However I’m now putting that one on pause, as I would like to now improve on a piece of work that I displayed for my foundation  degree show at Wimbledon four years ago.

I reckon after I am done and satisfied with “Counter Culture #2 – Get up Stand up”, I’ll take my work away from the fantastical transcriptions of old rennaisance classics, and have another crack at Surrealism. That being one of my favourite styles of art.

This is the first edition:

Persistent as Sam I AM


This painting was inspired partially by the film 3:10 to Yuma, besides the obvious theme of the wild west, the cowboy itself was modeled off of the mysterious character featured on the dvd cover of the afforementioned film.

The style of the train is inspired also in part by Dr. Suess’ illustrations from his various children’s books such as The Lorax and And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.  The smoke stack of the engine as well as the Green Eggs and Ham seen on the side of the first car of the locomotive.

The eye which initially begins as a pocket watch was actually a combination of a much older piece of work on the locomotive (CXC Art S.B.A) which I salvaged for the purpose of the picture coupled with a thought that came to me while studying Dali’s work; Persistence of  Memory.

The original was divided and printed on to two seperate canvases. With that in mind, the revised edition may well be displayed in the same manner. For the time being, the plan is to refine and add a few details that I overlooked while trying to make the deadline for the end of year. Most importantly to bring more clarity to the bandit easing out of the trapdoor in the sky.

So I’m currently on the portfolio building express train. Trying my hardest to move into the realms of Surrealism, again a very big favourite of mine. Until next time, and this time it won’t be so long.

Irie, folks
H.G. Fields

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