Abusus Non Tollit Usum

While doing my rounds yesterday on ye olde web, specifically within the realms of internet journalism a la Guardian – I had come across some…news, believe it or not. Some good and some bad, as is usually the case with said news. Now, briefly with the unpleasentries; Richard Hamilton is no longer among the living. For those of ye who are unsure of who I am speaking of, follow the link. I’ll just say that in addition to being the ‘father of pop’ – pop art (visual), not that of the musical genre, he was also a very insightful and helpful and somewhat influential to my practice.

Although I certainly didn’t know him personally, his work I was all too familiar with. I remember seeing it on some slides at a lecture [something about art being a machine], this was back when I was in 4D during my first term of university at CSM.  It actually works out that, the aforementioned work actually features at the top of the link, go fig.
It really wasn’t until the last year of univeristy that I actually began to study the artist and his work, furthermore it wasn’t until my very own work began to shift from whatever it was and became what I thought was pop art but only to be informed that it’s actually contemporary art – for Pop Art was of course, a movement from way back in the 50’s.

To get to the point though, while I was in the process of creating my illustrations of ‘cannabis branding and advertising’ [in what I consider to be an ideal world where ganja is tolerated], for my work in the final unit, I found that Hamilton’s methods were considerably relevant.

  “His analysis of the methods of commercial and technical image-making was matched by his study of high art; when he quoted commercial images in his art they usually came from the top end of the market.

I conclude, cheers to our dearly departed! Hamilton, may you live on in your works and continue to inspire us all!


So I mentioned some good news, right? Well more aptly put, it’s positive news.

“Experts have backed calls to be made at the Liberal Democrats conference this weekend for the decriminalisation of all drugs saying it would not lead to a surge in drug use.
The UK Drugs Policy Commission, which includes Professor Colin Blakemore, former chief executive of the Medical Research Council, and Dame Ruth Runciman, former chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, among its membership, says it backs the broad thrust of the Lib Dem motion to be debated on Sunday.
The motion calls for all criminal penalties for personal possession to be scrapped, the introduction of a regulated market in cannabis, and the expansion of heroin maintenance clinics for the most fervent users.”
, home affairs editor

While you sit there wondering if the Guardian is the only news site I visit (It isn’t but I find them quotable and I admit that I’m somewhat of a fan), I sit here wondering now, if 21st Century Nostradamus i.e. supercomputer, “Nautilus” will predict as to whether this will come true, and anytime soon. I can’t really say anything new in relation to the information in article, keep yer fingers crossed folks but don’t hold your breath. I’ve said in previous post, It Is, What It Is about a month ago that it’s a step in the right direction and I know there are others who would like to see certain changes made, but at the same time, see this as an overstep. Commence queuing of mass hysteria.

I’ll just leave you all with Abusus Non Tollit Usum, like the broken record that I am, or behave like. So lads and lasses, abuse is no argument against proper use, always remember just because something can be abused there is no reason for putting an end to its legitimate use. I’ve always said there is some line (also a pun in there for those fans of shameless drug humour), however thin, between use and abuse.

Irie, folks!
H.G. Fields

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