4:20….but not really.

Whilst I sit here and write this article, there’s a program on Natgeo about drugs i.e. ‘Drugs Inc’. I couldn’t tell you what they’re actually saying because the volume on my television decided it had enough and has gone south for the winter, or gone away elsewhere on vacation maybe…well doesn’t really matter where it’s gone because the fact is, it’s gone and most likely not coming back. That’s okay though because I don’t really watch that much apart from the occasional piece of football, football news or Seinfeld at night.

In any case, my t.v. and the programing I sometimes watch is hardly relevant to where I’m going with this. – From what I get so far in about what I’ve seen from the show is; how the criminals, specifically dealers operate. I’d try and lip read the dealers but seeing as the crack dealer concealed the majority of his face, more particularly his mouth and the other who was selling charlie (coke) had his face blurred. This being said and done, I could only guess that they were explaining how they manage to extort and charge such incredible prices due to prohibition. Of course also showing some wholesome images of some bloodbaths, incurred by the wrath of the drug cartels.

I suppose when I finally get around to watching the program the way it was intended; with sound and such, I could actually confirm this to be true. The first part anyway, don’t really need sound to know that I’m looking at death caused by dealers of death, only to know where they’re speaking of geographically.

Aaaand they’re now showing the production of coke and that concludes my play by play.

So what can be said, that hasn’t been said already, hmmm? Not too much but a little and of course as they say, “every little bit helps.”

There you have it, the motion has been forwarded and met with little resistence but what does it mean? If you haven’t been informed or haven’t been following; they (The Lib Dems) have “voted to establish a panel to consider decriminalising the use of all drugs.” – Here’s what’s going to happen, as per usual I’ll post the link to the article (courtesy of guess who?) here, The Liberal Democrats have voted to establish a panel to consider decriminalising the use of all drugs.

Yes, the motions has been passed at the conference, which will become a party policy but not a coalition policy.

So though they still have their work cut out for them, what they have proposed so far looks rather promising and they’ve cut the rhetoric a bit and are making movements. Baby steps for now, but you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk and walk before you run (unless you or some baby you know of was especially gifted and skipped those steps).

It’s just after 4:20 a.m (at least according to my blog’s clock which is still set on U.K time) and I’m not able to enjoy the regular activities that are usually associated with 4-20 (maybe justifiably so, as it is in fact actually after 12)… So as the television is showing meth and all of it’s dirty facets… I’d say its high time (that would be a pun but it isn’t because no one here is high) that I call it a night and go to sleep.

Irie, Folks
H.G. Fields

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