Mr. Skifo In….

The Tree of Knowledge!

So here we continue to transform (bastardise) this old classic, ‘Prophet Isaiah’ and allow Mr. Skifo to replace the angel as the actual tree of knowledge (cannabis plant as it’s seen to as some). In keeping with the original painting, he has parafermalia in his hand but changing the original long pipe with a chalwa (or chalice/water pipe made in part with coconut and bamboo) instead.

I actually modeled the arm off the stem of a male cannabis plant (though not necessarily noticeable nor all to important for the purposes of the image) and I’m considering making the wings that of leaves.

The apprentice which was mentioned in some older rhetoric makes a resurgence as a stand in for the previous prophet. I guess in some way he can fill the same roll eventually after he’s become learned. Also throwing in a newspaper for him with some anti marijuana propoganda pages. Time to for him to make a decision – listen to what the book says or listen to the voice of reason and common sense.

Tree of Knowledge, Give Me Insight Beyond Sight!

So in spite of my initial plan, which was essentially to just put this one on the back burner. I had some crazy ideas that I wanted to throw into the mix, thus I decided to act quickly and include them before I forget ’em. I’ll actually be now looking to finish this by the end of the month, with a few changes here and there before the end. Interested to see what’ll be the end result, but I’m also planning on putting on a frame which will be loosely based on the original but with specific modifications for its particular cause.

On another note; went to the print shop and got A3’s printed of the completed, “Counter Culture #1: Allegory With Venus and Lapse of Time” and “Counter Culture #2: Triumph of Blind, Naked Justice” – currently working titles.

That being said and done, I’m super pleased with the result of the test prints, these ones will be featured on the walls of my home as they are good enough as is. But for future public display, they won’t be any smaller than A2..preferably A0 but will most likely be satisfied with A1.

Yes! The portfolio is slowly but surely expanding, much to do still however.

So striving forwaaaard – with ambition!

Here’s a little dub for you all, Midnite – Chant Dub Out. For the last few months I spent in London I was jamming to this dub while I worked, as if like the tune itself was going out of style. I found it was a real good vibes tune you could trip out to a little.

So check it ere so now…

Irie, Folks
H.G. Fields

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