Ars Sine Scientia Nihil Est

It’s all coming together…

So check it out, check it out! – Good old HighTimes has a pretty good article on Counter Culture, which I found only a few days ago. I was going to post the link the other day when I read it, but that didn’t happen. I’m saying this because it will happen. Right after I quote a lil paragraph to give this post a little width (I’m kinda joking but in a way not). Its actually a good opportunity to link some points made on the subject to my work and what is hoped to be achieved thus. Here’s a brief exerpt…

“The idea, though, was to transform society. Many of the objectives of the counterculture have been achieved, in that many of its values are now mainstream values; particularly when it comes to civil rights, sexual equality, and concern for the environment.”

This is one of the prominent issues I like to bring up in my work, mostly images that deal with civil rights and the like. Always promoting mixing of races like the mixing of paint and also dealing with mother nature/mother earth, in particular the promotion of hemp and its many attributed uses as well as its general effect on farming and soil preservation.

“Another important objective of the counterculture has always been to achieve the legalization of marijuana. This is another issue that is rapidly gaining widespread support, particularly with respect to the medical use of cannabis. Marijuana’s legalization is now on display in many pilot projects around the country, through both new interest devoted to decriminalization and especially by way of medical cannabis policies adopted in many states. The emergence of medical cannabis dispensaries in many states provides society an opportunity to observe legal cannabis commerce in action, as well as opportunities to experiment with different regulatory approaches, evaluate them, and revise as necessary.”
– Jon Gettman

And well, if that in itself hasn’t been evident before, well I’m sure it must be by now. To read the article in its entirety and get a better perspective of where they’re coming from, check the link out here –> 420 Campaign The Transformation of the Counterculture

I’m sure by now a lot of ye are tired of coming on here to find new illustrations, only to be met with and bogged down by text and a lack of picture. Please don’t despair though, I’m working around the clock right now, to ensure that you all will be soon exposed to some fresh new works. These words will soon all make a lot of sense. Just keeping you all informed on what’s buzzin through ma busy brain while I work and what’s contributing to the development of my practice.

So always remember, as said in the title; “Art is nothing without knowledge”.

Irie, Folks
H.G. Fields

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