Oh Nooo, Not Another Abstract!?

Ohh ho, but it is! Well, I mean no…er well yes..errr..well, something like it anyway.

Today’s illustration is an “Ode to the Healing of the Nation”. Ya done know how I love visual narrative, by now. Also fairly partial towards a little semantics here and there. The direction/layout is loosely inspired by…..guess who..

If your answer is; the big G. Tiepolo….Oddly, you’re incorrect (not entirely). Much, to your surprise (assuming you care enough to actually be surprised).

Nah? Ah-okay.

Nevermind then, carrying along smartly.

  You might recognise some of the components of the illustration which engulfs the written abstract – from Smoking Proud I – which I finally    decided to take apart and assemble into a bigger picture or at least portrait as opposed to landscape. Not that I didn’t like it in landscape but for the purposes of the abstract, I thought I would somehow prefer it to stand vertical instead of horizontal…

So back to the earlier quiz question – if you guessed Blake, then give yourself a pat on the back, you guessed right. I’ll pat myself on the back likewise, because I’m not sure if anyone will get the reference.

Recently I been looking at William Blake’s work and I wanted to form some sort of response to what I’ve looked at so far.

First of all though, as a little note; “they” all thought the man was a little bit off his trolly, back when he was very much alive and doing the job. Nowadays though, “they’re all saying that he’s considerably one of the best artists in history [I’m not really sure who I’m referring to when I say “they”].

Whether or not he was actually crazy, I couldn’t actually say. What I do know however is that the man was very passionate about his choice of  subject, in his case he focussed a lot of his time and effort on religious images and wrote poetry to boot. Which is all well and good, I guess. The man was no slouch at all. Here’s a link to the artist/poet’s work – Poison Tree.

Poison Tree, I’ve actually become quite the fan of; the poem flows, its concise and to the point and the content is proper sound too. Have a peruse (nearly said carouse) through the rest of the site afterwards though. He’s got some pretty intense pieces of work and scintilating talent.

In any event, though this illustration hasn’t really panned out the way I had planned prior to its start. Does not mean by any means, that I’ll disregard what I got now and start over fresh. In fact I’d say its about well half way finished.

The abstract was actually going to feature in the dissertation, but that never came to fruition. I’m actually quite fond of it, so I hope you viewers like as well, that is if it’s actually legible for ye.
So right, the message still remains the same…. The font used is in fact temporary, just there until I get some pen nibs to write the text out properly on paper to replace. Why not the tablet or the current font? Well I’d say there are still certain things that tend to look better when they’re developed in a traditional manner and it’s good to go back to your roots from time to time. The font looks too digital, given the more organic feel of the pen and ink medium used. In addition my handwriting currently looks rather unsatisfactory on the tablet, boarderline atrocious. Digitally drawing/sketching and painting/illustrating is one thing but my penmanship requires some serious revaluation, back to basics with that one.

I’ll leave you this tune that I was playing excessively, roughly around this time last year. One that had a special place in my wake n’ bake playlist….or in my ganja playlist #1…

Top o’ Tha Morning, Folks!
H.G. Fields


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