Search for the Red/Yellow October

A fine new month and hopefully with it, good news it brings.

First post of the month; and I wanna start this post today with a tune, a good old fashioned, trippy tune.

I’m actally rather taken by the video as well.

So what’s new, since I’ve been missing the last week? I’m here playing the waiting game right now…….Sent out some proposals, statements and portfolio work recently. Though, not quite sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for something to happen.

Working right now on some small projects for various clients.

Also decided to revisit and old project from a few years back. It’s funny because when you return to old incomplete works, it’s sometimes as if you’re shouting an old aquaintance of yours. And as you continue to work on this old piece it’s almost as if this old aquaintance becomes a pretty good friend of yours, assuming you like what it has become. Otherwise, you begin to think that you better drop it, probably to be reviewed a few months or years later – which by this time, you forgot why you dropped it in the first place and the cycle hopefully doesn’t continue for much longer.

So….What do we have here?

– This painting is based on a photmontage I created many, many moons ago (roughly six years). What I’d hoped and still hope to achieve is a suurealist picture here:

Flower Child

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary; Flower Child refers to: A hippie who advocates love, beauty, and peace.

Peace and Love, maaaaan!

That could be one way of reading the picture I’m working on. In fig. 1. – Was the first step to finding tones and shades.

I skipped you lot ahead to Fig.8. – Since there’s a lot of tweaking inbetween that you may find rather ho-hum.

So thus, we have a yellow hibiscus flower and a Thumbelinaesque girl sprouting out from the centre.

For you, the viewers; this picture is really left open for your interpretation. As I mentioned before, this was done so long ago that the original meaning behind it has changed several times since.

Before it was to be a stand alone image, then during my days at Wimbledon foundation I tried to integrate it into a larger image, which I named at the time, “Great Bay” but then that too had eventually been laid to rest.

There are a few ideas wafting about in my head, as to what I’ll do with it. In the process of creating a few assorted background to accompany  it. I suppose I’ll soon come to a decision at any rate.

For the most part it’s word play though, and given how counterculture is a constant for the direction of my work of recent, it fits into the current theme that I have happening at the moment. Okay then, I’m going to get back business, will definitely inform you guys of the good news when it comes my way.

Irie, folks
H.G. Fields

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