Born Unto Trouble

Have a look at what’s currently being thrown down in the H.G. studio.

I’ve taken onboard a few methods and techniques and such, used by speedpainters. To be certain though, it is by no means a speed painting in itself. Turning out to be quite the opposite actually.

Figs. 1-6

So while searching the old external hard drive, I came across this old doodlish sketch (Fig. 1.) which I did during my final major project, the ‘Doomtrain‘ back in my foundation art days.

(Fig.4.) I thought this caw-boi should have some cards in his hat band for added detail.

I’ve been building up the following images (Figs. 2-6.) since last night. Like the previous post, I took out fair portion of the inbetween stages of this piece, as some changes were minor.

In the bottom left corner (Fig. 6) I set the tone with various images such as old newspaper (for the lower parts of the sky/horizon and dusty ground) and old aircraft wrecks from the depths of the ocean. Which just required the drop in layer opacity, erasing excess and adjusting the curves to give shape to the flats which represent the buildings.

With fig.7. I used more of the afforementioned method, to give the sky that green tint.

Fig.7. in reallity is stage 17. Born Unto Trouble

So what’s this image about now? Well to be honest, before I was initially just going to leave it as simple as the cah-boi floating about in nothing. Eventually to be used maybe as an avatar or somesuch. The face of H.G Fields….

However, I felt the need to fill that empty void and thus wanted to see how I might be able to do so. Whilst looking through old reference images on my computer

I came across a few of the original Star Wars movie posters (episodes 4/5/6). Such detailed and classic compositions; also like those of the original Indiana Jones (and wukup) films.

Still deciding whether I want to add another person to the illustration…don’t really have to make that decision now though.

All the while I’ve been listening to the Red Dead Redemption ost. Especially the track – ‘Born Unto Trouble’, which up to now still reminds me of that track by Midnite – Chant Dub Out.  Erhm..well that is to say, they both remind me of each other.

All in all it, at least to me, sets the ambiance. Furthermore while sitting and taking in these tunes I feel this vibe…like I’m taken on a journey. I suppose which you could argue that I am, we all are on some kind of journey….and born unto trouble.

So for those of ye, who are not currently familiar with this track. I’ll enlighten you lot.

Born Unto Trouble

Before I let you go (or hopefully befofore you decide you had enough of this), I ha’ gots one mo’ track for ye,

and this one’s another dub from Midnite from the same album as Chant Dub Out.

If you listen, enjoy.

Irie, Folks!
H.G. Fields

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