An ‘Erb’un Legend: Madness Induced by Reefer, Instigates Jungle Fever!

Brought to you by the one and only, Harry J. Anslinger – Anti-Cannabis Propogandist Extraordinaire.

For those of you who have done their reading on the sordid past of sensimilla’s persecution, whether it be from this wog’s blog or somewhere else; you’ll most likely be familiar with the original scaremonger’s (drug czar) somewhat “insiteful words of wisdom“.

Luckily these arguments he brought to the table couldn’t possibly hold any weight by today’s standards. However, back then in the Thirties when Mr. Mudslinger first started spewing such corrupt and filthy lies to confuse the masses, he was clearly successful. Like carrying water in a basket, as it spilled gushed out the thirsty idiots lapped it all up as a matter of course. Thus the proverbial angry lynch mob was born, complete with torches and pitch forks. Their iron sights set on cannabis.

Taking advantage of racial tension which was rather prominent in the U.S. at the time and in conjuction with the rampant distrust of the black and hispanic minority taught by ignorance. There was no chance that the fearful majority could or would lie down and allow for a plant (a plant, you know) which incites miscegnation, to be so easily available for their vulnerable youth who would surely succumb to the temptuous, unnatural and sinnister actions which this devil weed coerced. Who was going to question the credibility of such a spurious claim of unfoundedness ? Nobody, as it would happen.

Soooo, why I bother digging up this old relic? Well, this is one of the main reasons I began studying the topic of cannabis’ demonisation. I also figured it would be a good way to give you a little background of the following illustration; which was originally supposed to feature in my thesis, under ganja propaganda.

Golli-gosh! This Wog's Got Designs On This Fare Dutch Maiden!

Our jive talking, reefer smoking, nappy head friend here in the crisp blue suit makes another appearence, enticing this unsuspecting caucasian lady with his large……eh…bag o’ reefa.

“This Marijuana Causes White Women To Seek Sexual Relations With Negroes, Entertainers and any Others”
Harry J. Anslinger

Yeah, Anslinger said it.

I really can’t make this kind of stuff up!

The initial plan was to model this young lady – who’s eyes are glazed all over, like a Krispy Kreme’s original doughnut- after a dutch doll from the stories written by Florence Kate Upton, which used to be accompanied by Mr. Golliwog himself.

However if I were to stay true; our glaze eyed girl would be wearing nothing more than a decorative hat and her birthday suit.

I’ve still got some ideas for where I’d like to take this further. I could opt to stay somewhat true to the original and throw on some blush and do up her hair. Also thinking of emphasizing the wog’s degeneracy, where I might have his tongue hanging out of his head and drooling in an overtly, leacherous manner….or maybe give him a bit of a diabolical grin…I could very well be the only one seeing the humour in it though.

The picture featured below, served as early visual stimulus. I’m only sorry that I didn’t come up with it first.

I like to view it as a portrayal of Mr. Wog as; a highly functioning family man, who smokes his dutch, strolling through the park with the dutch missus, offspring and the dog.

Also paying some attention to the bottom right corner where there’s a sign reading ‘keep off the grass’, which could be alternatively taken as message discouraging the use of cannabis, for it might lead to mass miscegnation. – Though unlikely, it’s not implausible; just given the way in which the misinformation of this nature would quite easily find itself unquestioned by the general public of yesteryear.

Wogs n' the Dutch Dolls.

I’m dropping another two tunes for you all again today. In light of the brief history lesson, I figured it’d be right by me to share out some truly classic ganja tunes from the former part of the past century.

These two probably contributed to Anslinger’s wacky theories about the black jazz musicians’ tobacky.

Cab Calloway’s – Funny, funny Reefer Man. A bit reminiscent of the film Reefer Madness.

Louis Armstrong’s ode to Muggles.
N.B. Muggles was the name given to reefer back in the day by the jazz musicians. Really, not to be confused with non magic users.

Irie, Folks!
H.G. Fields.

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