Friends Are Like Flowers: Beautiful Flowers

Well as you may have noticed I’m a fan of plants..the ones which grow flowers, with certain powers..
It is they, that I adore even more.
Mostly in varying shades of green or purple variety…and though occasionally yearning, I’m rarely discerning.
Unless of course it’s schwag, then in which case I’ll have to say no and take a pass on that drag.

Haiku anyone? No, it doesn’t follow the correct structure but somehow it’s sounding like it could be a cross between that and anglo poetry.

[If not just in my head alone]

This fine Thursday morning we’re going to revisit our Hibiscus Hybrid.

Bee's Makin' Sweet Honey

Perhaps maybe you’re asking yourself why, why is it that the Sun in the middle frame looks uncannily like a cross between Steve Buscemi and the Sun from Teletubbies?

I finally decided on the direction in which I’m taking this, the theme of hybrids. I’m clearly not an entomologist nor a botanist but going by what I vaguely remember in bio class and the like. If you were to ask me, I’d say we’ve got a surrealists vision of cross-polination in progress. Seriously though, Full-joy the different levels being developed here.

Apart from nature though, there’s another level we can take this on. D’ye by chance, know what it is?

Sit on it and think about it. The missing pieces of the puzzle will be installed by its completion, treat it like an actual story unfolding…narrative as it were, you’ll soon see.

‘S just Kooool an’ the Gang

Irie, folks!
H.G. Fields

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