Qaddaffi Mad-affi Hatter

A Peek Inside H.G. Fields Studio - Mhad Asah Hattafi Colonel Gaddaffi

I quite literally begun this one about an hour ago, though the idea was brewing and stewing in mi mind for a little while…

I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t have enough to say about the man to write some long winded essay.

A lot may have considered him mad – I’m hardly in any position to judge and make a such a claim, of which I have no genuine evidence for i.e. notes from a psychiatric evaluation. Which now considering  will be considerably impossible- No doubt he must have been going a little bit off his trolly as he was on the run and the pressure was applied.

Instead, now I will talk about what I do know. This is really going to be a part of a larger picture which I am going through the early motions, composition wise. You can expect it’ll follow somewhere along the lines of Alice in Wunderland.

Lewis Carroll’s work was another big inspiration for me, from as far back as about four years old. I’ve always have been a fan [and still am] of the weird, crazy, absurd surreal and mostly nonsensical. In the story itself my favourite part was of course the mad discourse that occured during the tea party, hosted by none other than the Mad Hatter.

The version I grew up on was illustrated by the British illustrator, John Tenniel. I loved his illustrations, the style he employed with the use of  pen and ink, hatching and cross hatching skill that no one could deny. There were a few colour pictures, which had their own charm but the pen n’ ink technique stand out in my mind.

If you are familiar with that particular version, then you might get where I’m coming from. He did very well to capture the lunacy in it’s expressive, emotional splender.

So all of that to say; I borrowed one of Mr. Tenniel’s illustrations of the Hatter and dropped it on the shoulders of the – not at the time- deceased Col. Gadaffi.

Tenniel's: Mad Hatter

I was initially going to keep the colonel’s hat on but opted for the tried and true top hat. I did however, allow him to keep his signature shades.

So all to do now is clean up the man’s uniform and drop him into the expected composition.

Irie, Folks!
H.G. Fields

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