Persistence III

Very briefly,

Today you all are being treated to a sneak preview of a digital painting/illustration that I’m currently working on. I don’t believe that I’ve posted the second instalment on the blog before, but that’s all right…one day you will see it….one day very soon.

In the mean time here we have numero tres:

Persistence III - 50%

Right, so here’s what it is. As you all may be aware by now, the Dr. Seuss’ influence tends to come out mainly when I’m working on a piece in the surreal.

For e.g. the wonky smoke stack on the train in ‘Persistence of Prohibition’ –  For this particular image I wanted to try for a similarly Suess’ish style, in reference to the architecture. Though currently speaking, the building is still rather structured and perhaps still a bit too uniformed. The control tower is arguably the closest to end result. I’ll most likely bend up the sides of the airport to give it a much less feeling of reality.

I’m a big fan of Aeroplanes as well, so much so wanted to be a pilot [now I’m an artist, go figure]. I used to sketch, draw and design loads of them as a youth. Strangely I don’t do many paintings of them anymore.

Continuing with my previous style where I do a bit of photocollage on top of the painting, still quite some blending to do before the end. In terms of the sky, not so sure as yet. Might paint in some clouds.


As a reminder to all, the official H.G. Fields online gallery launch is projected for next Wednesday, the 2nd of November. There you will be able to view completed works, you’ll also have the opportunity to buy prints in varying sizes if you see fit.

I haven’t dropped a tune for several posts now, so I’ll dish this ‘un out for all of ye.

A current favourite of mine which I’ve been playing the living daylights out of. It’s a tune by two North Londoners, ‘Rizzle Kicks’- I have a lot of time for these lads and this tune because for my first three years living in the English capital, it was North London I lived.

So here it is, this one’s for my surrogate hometown:

Irie, Folks!
H.G. Fields

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