My First War Book {Update}

C is for…
…Child o’ War’

Yep, so I’m still trudging along with illustrations for “My First War Book”.

If you recall that was mentioned in one of the first, if not the very first post, awhile back in June.

So, keeping it short again tonight. This will most likely be the only post for the week, but maybe I’ll have one up on Saturday, we’ll see.

No Bottle Rocket?

Some random facts in and around Africa, about their youth’s involvement in war…

In 2002 Child soldiers were used by Rwandan government forces and paramilitaries, operating within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Somalia; a report published by Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers in 2004 estimated that since 1991 200,000 children carried arms or had been recruited in the country’s militias.

The Zanu-PF government of Robert Mugabe sponsors a “youth militia” — the NYS or National Youth Service. Members age, ranges between 10-30 and are known as the “Green Bombers”.

I’m pretty busy, with a load of works to be completed by the end of this month, essentially. So while I’m on the grind and days go by, from time to time I’ll just be dropping an illustration or two, to keep your eyes busy for a little while.

G’night, Folks!
H.G. Fields


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