Questionable Journalism

Mmm mmm mmm…

You might be familiar with this clip. If not, make it happen.

Although I can’t say that I’m entirely certain when it was exactly, that I first watched this. Presumably sometime in the region of this time last year [standard]. I still watch it from to time when I feel like I want to enjoy a meditation session with the legend.

Crazy, am I? Mmm, I think not.

Once you get past the dodgy journo’s condescending tone – specifically at the end where he’s cut off, talking about “Ganja Smoking Marley is hard to take seriously…- et al, the clip is actually rather tolerable. More tolerable at least than the extended version I found just this very day!

I was wondering where this interview came from and where the rest of the footage was, since watching the shortened clip a ways back. Evidently it was part of a broadcast of Australia’s version of 60 minutes.

Again, despite the dude’s ways (the journo really does come across as a bit of a clueless biggot) the video still retains some merit. At least in terms of the footage, anyway.

What I instantly became a big fan of though, is the ingenuity used to make a telephone receiver into, what appears to be a well functioning water pipe.- I feel an idea forming. I maintain there’s a lot of DIY projects within the realms of Cannabis Culture.

I mean, I knew herb could smoke out of just about anything. Never crossed my mind to use a telephone though…Maybe just another way to get a……

Contact High? – BOOM, BANG! – AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…shameful drug humor rares it’s ugly head again.


Overuse it and we redifine the meaning of Technology Abuse! – ……HAHHAHAHAHA….cha.


Forget putting five on it, I’d like to make a collect call on that phone…..mmm eh, maybe not that one.


Back on track; One day perhaps I’ll become a, “Bong Making, Grease Monk Extraordinaire.”

Water pipes aside, it’s truly a joy to discover these gems i.e. interviews with Bob. In this extended clip, I enjoyed it most when he’s asked whether he’s a rich man. To which ‘Nesta’ replies, “In what sense?” – He explains to him that posessions don’t make a man rich.

Though it’s been said, many times, many ways; All that glitters, is not silver and gold.

And I’d say a lot of people would do well to remember that. However, I’ll spare you lot my ‘anti-materialism rant’. That one is for another day…maybe for the early start of the new year.

Aight that’s it for today, I have plenty more for you guys this month on. More poor jokes, more new/old innovative ideas aaaand of course – what I’d assume you come here for largely – more art!

I’m sorry again to have left you guys dry, while I was high like Eli.

Porter, get me a reporter.

Irie, Folks
H.G. Fields

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