Inside The Sketch Book

A very good morning to ye all.

Double Chamber Chalice

A prototype design of a possible water pipe with double chambers and the possibility of incorporating a perculator also.

The stem is of standard garden/water hose grade, wrapped with string for aesthetics and the clay kuchie at the top. The peanut shape is reminscent of a flask seen in various Japanese manga’s, though at the moment in writing I cannot recall a visual reference.

After I do some refinements with the design, I’ll commence work on construction of the prototype.


Today’s post as you’d figure from the title, is rather self explanatory.

I’ll showcase some bits of ye olde sketch book from Christmas past. Sketch books are always good for visualising thoughts and keeping track of one’s ideas in the various stages of the work process.


All right, all right! So none of this work was actually done around any Christmas. It was done a good few moons ago however, so it’s still a ways in the past.

Here we take a step into the old time machine and find ourselves in the year 2009, roughly around February…so not all that far from xmas.

Enough delays though, we commence with the brainstorm.



The Roots

It’s the very beginning of the Counter Culture #1 – Allegory of Venus and Lapse of Time.

Chronos, Master of All Time!

Venus and Thanks to Good Graces

Compositional Study

Chariot come VW Van

Components of Time

Brief Venus Study

Hopefully this’ll satisfy some interest and/or curiosity for a little while, several updates to follow along the way.

I’m just a love machine and I won’t work for nobody but you.

H.G. Fields

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