Altered Concept of Time

Good day,

I was just doing some rather brisk painting exercises, trying out some other digital painting techniques and that.

Using two sketches from the previous post and combining them, we have this;


"With my chalice, under my arm"

With my adaptation of ‘Father Time’ [Cronos or Saturn], instead of carrying an hourglass he carries a chalice [water pipe], in this particular instance the prototype double chambered water pipe. Of which, it’s shape could be somewhat reminscent to that of an hourglass.

While the hourglass measures time, the chalice will surely take you through it. In some events, it may even seem as though you’ve been thrown into some kind of time warp. Largely due to how easy it is to lose all of one’s concept of time, during a heavy and/or intense medi session.

The  flow of the contents from within the chalice to the mind is balanced by an uplifting flow of spirit. Thus, the loss of physical power in the body is balanced by the increasing spiritualization of the mind, which gradually becomes filled less with earthly matters than those of the spirit.

All right, it’s about time for a little musical treat for you all. A personal favourite of mine, Steel Pulse with Macka Splaff.

Irie, Folks
H.G. Fields

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