Discovering Green

Grave of King Solomon.


So what is it? Why is it?

What it is; is concept art for the book, Green Discovery [Working Title]. That is, the book I’m working on. Compiled with my research on cannabis, it’s associated culture as well as corresponding illustrations.

The composition is loosely based on a Biblical illustration of Moses parting the dead sea.  I liked the setup and the pose of the figure, its expressiveness.

In short, the painting is supposed to be in reference to a line used time and time again in reggae music, particularly those about cannabis. The legend has it, that herb was first found growing on top of King Solomon’s grave. – There is of course no evidence to back up such a statement however it does make for an interesting if not at least, an entertaining tale.

According to lore then, it would purport that because it’d ‘originated’ from King Solomon’s grave, it should in part, provide wisdom. I suppose one could put it down to the fact that ganja is considered by some, as the thinking drug. In other words, a substance which promotes and/or evokes cognitive thinking.

In light of that, I came across this article today on I highly recommend this piece of literature, interesting read.

 “Interestingly, marijuana seems to induce a state of hyper-priming, in which the reach of semantic priming extends outwards to distantly related concepts. As a result, we hear “dog” and think of nouns that, in more sober circumstances, would seem to have nothing in common.”
–  Jonah Lehrer

Rhetoric aside, here’s an interesting little fact I stumbled upon today:

Just For the Record:

“Ten years ago Portugal went where no country has gone before and decriminalized not just marijuana, but all drugs including heroin, cocaine and meth. Having small amounts of drugs is no longer a criminal offense. It’s a civil offense – like a ticket. Portugal continues to punish sales and trafficking of illicit substances. Ten years later the results are in: decreased youth drug use, falling overdose and HIV/AIDS rates, less crime, reduced criminal justice expenditures, greater access to drug treatment, and safer and healthier communities. The horror scenarios that opponents of drug policy reform predicted never came to be and Portugal is a real life example of what can happen when a country treats substance abuse as a health issue instead of a criminal problem.”
– Tony Newman from

Sensationalism you say?!

If you haven’t learned anything here yet, then I have failed.

Take it easy for now folks,
H.G Fields

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