As We Near The End, Finally A Slideshow

My, word! Look at the time, where does it fly?

The year’s end is around the corner and on comes 2012. A new year with new possibilities and I’m here learning some new digital editing tricks and utilising some new (at least to me) tools. I have a lot planend for the new year, of course starting with the official H.G. Fields site whereby you may be able to buy my illustrations if you’re about it and in addition there’ll be the opportunity to also purchase shirts etc.

I’ve returned to Counter Culture #2. Not satisfied with the job I did of showing off the process done to create the image, I’m trying an alternative method through a slideshow, much quicker and more thorough. Not to mention a lot less time consuming  – at the very least, space consuming.

I figure it’s not necessarily a terrible way to go, so there you go.

For my next one I might add some actual effects to make the slideshow hopefully more engaging and out there. Literally started learning Adobe After Effects, and used it in the most basic fashion. As I said though, it’ll be better next time.

On Another Note:

I just want to make a quick mention at the Discovery Channel’s new “reality” show (I’m not of the belief that anything on t.v. is real, the news barely gets a small allowance) about Medical Cannabis. The first two episodes of Weed Wars [amusing title, somewhat apt] I thought were rather interesting and some scenes were quite mouth watering at times. The third episode however, though still slightly informative, I found the personal relationship drama’s involved were not entirely necessary and it could have really done without. Of course it wouldn’t be “reality” t.v. without it – though not necessarily a bad thing either. eh?

I’ll just say overall, there’s some interesting insights and I’d say it’d be worth a watch still if not at least the first two.
That’s my 2 cents, not sure if it’s any help, not really a review as such.

Shirt news – If you’re serious about getting your Sun-Made Grade shirt before the end of  2011, I’d advise you order now. There are still 11 shirts available and they’ll  be in my hands on Friday. If you are too late however, you can wait until January to order. New shirt prints will be out next month also.
Irie, folks
H.G. Fields

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