Time for T

For the record I really don’t care for the show from which I’ve gotten that reference in the title there. But it is time for t-shirts to be displayed and displayed they will.

I love a ramble as I do, a preamble.

Today’s shirts are for the High Rollers. Read that however you like, it’s all up to your own interpretation of what is. What..?

King of Herbs

Queen of Buds

I’m a fan of playing cards, sure there aren’t too many people who feel otherwise. Not only playing cards but looking at them, and each brand seems to have their own take on royal suits etc. Different illustrations, some sinister, others rather light and joyful. Even a bit comical at times.

Fact is I always wanted to design my own playing cards, finally I decided to go ahead with that plan.

So there they are, first two cards which are royally high.

These will all be available middle of January. Sooner if you want one bad enough..

Irie, Folks
H.G. Fields.

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