Mr. Skifo Needs You…

To open your mind and give him a chance!

Stop Being A Towel!

Cease the senseless sensimillia persecution!

Yes friends, it’s certainly been an interesting year. I visited Hyde Park on 4/20,  I finished art school on a high (pun fully intended, yes) with the Central Saint Martins degree show and I moved back home after 4 years in foreign (London, UK). And of course I’ve kicked off the H.G. Fields brand, “Herbal T’s”. I’ve mentioned that I’ll be launching a website. There you will be able to procure my art and also be able get your hands on a T or Two. This includes the Sun Made Grade, High Rollers – King of Herbs and Queen of Buds.

I suppose a variety of other events happened this year. Which at this point in my writing, for the life of me, I’m too lazy to recall in this particular forum.

Free Up The Herbs!

Just watched WeedWars episode 4. Yet againI have mixed feelings after viewing. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, that show is.

Here’s the 420 er.. eh no, i.e. the 411 – I’m going to add this to my links on the right: – There’s a list of cannabis documentaries here, with a wealth of knowledge and information. Who’s opposed to a little knowledge? Spread the word!

This one’s called Hashish, it’s a long one so have a look when you have time and you’re just kicking back, shooting the breeze or need something to do.

Howard Marks:Howard Marks – A Video Diary is here! A must see for you tokers and film enthusiasts! – I’m not going to explain who this man is, he hardly needs any introduction. You’ll learn and understand once you’ve started watching. Why I like it: The amazing foray of footage to start with, also further visual insight to the information that I’ve read over the past four years.

I’ll be honest though, of all the documentaries I’ve seen so far, this is probably the most romantic one thus far. No, not the Romeo and Juliet type of romantic either. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a good one, well worth the watch. Tres Interesant.

Alternatively if you’re short on time, there’s these, easy-breezy vibes man.

To my friends, family, fans and others who have given me support on this arduous journey; I wish us all a productive, prosperous and enlightened new year!

We’re gonna make it!

Irie Folks!

H.G. Fields.

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