Road to Green – Peace

Sourced the original picture from an article I read on AlJazeer. I think the article was called, “Road to Tripolli” but I can’t remember the details of it, I just found the picture very interesting.

Road to Tripoli

It’s mainly the movement of the rocket man, captured in the still that earned my attention.

I did a quick sketch and colour in with a pencil and a few copic markers. My marker-man’ship is poor as the puns I attempt to incorporate here.

So thusly afterwards I shove the illustration attempt through photoshop and the madness ensues.

I’ve made several changes to the image along the way, came to a fork in the road and had to make various decisions regarding the direction I would ultimately like to take this. Which direction you ask? Hmm well let’s see…I’m thinking down a dark alley and behind some bins.


A dark cave or a fishes mouth.


Strange Vision

This is mostly how I plan to display the work.

I haven’t yet declared this finished, must illustrate detail in the foreground.

I find weapons of war offensive and spliffs quite the opposite, so the rpg is replaced by a giant spliff. It’s like some kind of nuevo censorship or even neo censorship.

At the bottom behind what will eventually be rubble, for the time being mess in the foreground – there’s a little plant growing in the barron dessert terain, and it’s this man’s job to protect it from the perennial wrath of the babylonian system.

The idea is basically is to think, people power. It’s all about the masses rising up. Yes, usually the masses tend to be 98% sheep and 2% tether.

But now it seems the people have really come to the end of their respective leashes. Between the Arab Spring; particularly Libya’s people conquering the Quadaffi dictatorship as well as the protests in Syria and Egypt, Tunisia etc.

Meanwhile on the farm or rather more specifically in the West we have the people’s occupation of WallMart er..that is to say, I mean street – Occupy Wallstreet and the like. And all now we also see in Russia that the people are fed up and tired of the fuckery that is their governement, lead by Putin. So although it’s been said that their protest is currently non-violent in nature, the opposition leader said himself that the people may find the need to change that if nothing is done about it’s “dire” situation. – Read up on it, as I’m not going into any detail here. Quite simply, right now it’s all about the power of the masses.

So the masses who might care so much for the Hemp Sativa or Cannabis Sativa or both even. Should all band together and confront so-called governments about the end of this meaningless and senseless war against a plant.

Put an end to war in general.

Sleepy time has arrived, as one might tell from the babble above.

G’night folks,

H.G. Fields

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