As The World Turns

Duh’yup, g’evening folks.

Here’s something a little different for ye.

Just watched 50/50. It was interesting, for a comedy/drama. A buzz and buzzkill rolled into one – sounds like ‘Sherm‘ and if you don’t know what that is, look it up. All right I’ll tell you, it’s essentially a joint dipped in pcp or embalming fluid. – Never had it myself, just for the record but honestly I can’t imagine it’s all as good as a sherm head might have you believe. Probably one big emotional rollercoaster.

I seriously digressed there, though. 50/50, it’s called that because the dude or more accurately the protagonist (The dude who played the kid in the 3rd rock from the Sun and the Chinese looking dude in Inception, obviously not to be confused with the Japanese dude which I believe is Katsumoto from The Last Samurai) has a 50% chance of surviving some rare case of cancer. His friend is played by Joe (?) Rogan, (the guy with the funny voice, smokes weed and was in that memorable television show, Freaks and Geeks or more recently I suppose, Pineapple Express) and he acts as moral support throughout the film, doing what we probably know him best for…That’s actually all I’m giving you.

If I write more I’ll probably spoil the film if I haven’t already. If you like films which make you feel good bi-polar, well this one might be for you. – I’m really not selling it well. Something to be said about my salesman skills.

After watching that, I was in think mode for a while and was (un)lucky enough to find myself with the following literature.

New study shows architecture, arts degrees yield highest unemployment – The Washington Post.

That lovely article I shared with you lot. It reminds me of how most nights I wake up in the night thinking about how I need some sales so I can get some funds. I’ve quite frequently thought now and then about this career path I chose, which is mostly due to my lack of mathematical skills and well generally other skills which have little or no relation to art.

When I wake up at night, takes me long as- just to fall asleep again.

Before hand I always heard the cliche of the starving artist and it not being particularly easy or straight forward. But I waved it off as just talk… Ah boy. While it is seriously early days there is a fair bit of concern which brews in the old noggin’ quite often so to speak.

– This is beginning to sound like an appeal. Don’t worry folks I’m not asking for charity or donations to the Starving Artists Fund. Although if you are rich or crazy, or both; I’ll accept plant matter as alms. – Seriously though I don’t mind accepting free trees, fresh air. – And by “don’t mind”, I actually mean, I welcome with open lungs.

It is difficult though, in a place where people aren’t regularly exposed to art, and thus don’t necessarily have all that much time for it. Speaking of time, in this age right now, only a few will find they want to actually buy a piece to hang up in their homes, as there are more important things to be concerned about i.e. bills, food and whatever else is considered a need such as technological addictions or alcohol et al.

Yup that’s right, so again posing the question of; why did I choose to be an artist? My answer hasn’t changed much over the years – “It’s the only thing I can see myself doing in life.”


“If I had been any better at math, I might have gone into engineering — I would have liked to have an automatic job right out of college,” said Stephanie Kerner, a recent graduate with a degree in political science and psychology from Oglethorpe University. “Because, let’s be honest, no one wants to struggle like this.”

“I think you should go to school for what you love, but you should understand what you’re getting yourself into,” she added.

We’ll ignore the fact that she chose to do a degree in psychology, usually I would dismiss that subject matter as an actual subject where I tend to consider it more of a hobby of sorts, unless it’s the super long degree where you do medicine as well, and then at that point you’re pretty much a psychiatrist anyway and legit.

That little extract is what seriously got the cogs in my head turning this evening – like proper, square pegs (or blocks, I don’t know wtf) flying through square shaped holes.

None of this is to suggest that I’m at the end of my leash and I’ve tried everything this field of work has to offer blah blah blah, and I’m going to quit. Nah, not at all. That’d be foolish as- Seeing as I’m barely out of the education system, and clearly it’s not specific to those in the creative arts field and social sciences and so on.

It’s just to say that it ain’t going to be an easy road. Yes they say nothing in life is worth doing if it’s easy. I suppose I have some inclination to agree there, but one day I can only hope it’ll be easier, should I be fortunate to get some sort of break in the art scene.

It comes down essentially to money, money makes the world turn and though it isn’t neccessarily supposed to bring or guarantee happiness, it certainly would make my cure for the blues i.e. a pass to palookaville, a whole lot more accessible and quantifiable.

That is, as they say, is that. A bit of an abstract there, prefer writing them than painting them. A little against abstract art, as I am with technology. If you know me well enough and the medium and style I work with, you’ll understand that I’m a walking, talking, living, breathing contradiction.

Well if you managed to read through all of that, well done to you. Thanks.

Next post should have more art and news of some or any sort. Less personal abstract writing.

G’night folks,

H.G. Fields

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