Keep Blazing n Stay Amazing

Right, so today I was writing a lovely post which was going to be up this evening, however my lovely computer found itself upside down on the ground. Screen went boom bam, and blogging on this substitute fuck-off monitor is a royal mind and eye fuck.

So I managed to save what I was writing before this ass-foolishness happened. Computer is slowly but surely going on the fritz, my main medium photoshop is playing the perennial donkey.
Whether you were wondering or not, Ps CS5 my main medium decided it doesn’t like the save function anymore. The general size and resolution of the screen doesn’t seem to coordinate properly either.

Here’s something for those of you who were actually looking forward to this evening’s post. Judging by the site stats for today, it wasn’t too many of ye.

Anyway this might find it’s merry way on a t-shirt very soon.


I didn’t render unto Geedorah, what’s Geedorah’s!

and this is clearly why my computer goes deeper into a void filled with chaos and self degradation.

Those of you who wonder what the f’ck I’m going on all the time about King Geedorah, well the answer lies beneath.

In the mean time, read the sign.

H.G. Fields

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