Oi, oi! For you sports fans out there, a friend of mine started up a sports blog of sorts recently. Did some illustration for his latest article, “The Enigma That Is Tebow” and will most likely be doing quite a bit more over time.

His latest post was regarding NFL player, Tebow of the Denver Broncos and more recently known for the new fangled way to pray, known as ‘Tebowing’.

To be honest, I’m personally not a fan of the NFL, as I prefer the real football, which is played generally with the feet and not the hands. Nevertheless, this dude writes well and as a result I actually found myself well engaged, despite my lack of interest in that particular sport.

So definitely give it a look, as he’ll also be covering football from the English Premier League and other sports wonders.

For those of you concerned, no I’m not turning this into an any and everything blog, but just like to give some friends a little exposure where possible as well direct you to the recent illustrations mentioned above.

My next post which was scheduled for Monday past, will be up on the upcoming Monday. My website is probably about middway to completion, so stay tuned for that.

Also, for those of you new to the blog, you can follow me via twitter @FieldsHG

and also check my fan page for more info etc.

Hope all is well with everybody so far this year and that we’ve all started setting good precedents thusly.

Irie, folks and good weekend to you all,

H.G. Fields.

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