In A Gadda Da Vida Baby

In A Gadda Da Vida Baby!

-This one is long like the song, so don’t let me lose you.

So there it is, yup. I commenced this article with a piece of psychadelic/acid rock. A rather long track from the looks of it, aye? Enough time to roll a doobs, read, smoke said doobs, view images and you’ll still be listening to this track.

Spoiler: When you get to the drum solo around 6 minutes, that’s when shite starts to get feckin bananas.

So what do we have here, eh?

The following work, one would assume is a clear and obvious tribute to the song above. Yes, but not only. You see, I wanted for some time to create a somewhat trippy or at least a very surreal, acidy landscape.

I am hardly a religious man.


In fact, I’m far from one. I would even go as far as to say, I’m not a religious man. It’s something I have little or no time nor space in my head to deal with as a matter of fact.
To say that I loathe or look at it with disdain may be a little much but I’m definitely not all too impressed with it. At the same time however I’m not one who would take his time to prove or disprove God’s or any god’s existence. Those who wish to believe have full right to do so, and those who choose not to, the same.

In short, I’m fairly  uninterested. To be fair I’ve went through a few phases where I had wanted to take it seriously but now, not I can’t be bothered. Without it however, I’m not certain if John Martin would have created the amazing masterpieces that he did nor the inspired and inspiring works that Tiepolo had brought into the world.

Also the real roots reggae was heavily inspired by Rastafari etc which in turn was based on religion, Christianity/Judaism et al. And Iman love ah reggae music, so it does have it’s positives. Perhaps loads of neg. but lots of pos.

There are some entertaining stories in the Bible however, if you don’t take it too seriously, you gotta look at them from a fairytale angle or maybe as a fictional novel.

Speaking of which I started reading The Book Of Genesis illustrated by Robert Crumb. If you know Robert Crumb then you know his illustrations tends to be rather unapolagetic. In my next post I’ll give you a little more insight on the man that is Crumb. Learned a bit about him at art school.

“at first, Crumb thought about doing a take-off of the story of Adam and Eve, and then a friend suggested he do the whole of Genesis.

“Crumb accepted the challenge, but the text seemed to him so bizarre that he realised he couldn’t sustain a satirical approach. He resolved to use the words of the Bible unabridged: “I did it as a straight illustration job.”

I think the story about the Garden of Eden makes for interesting painting and other art form, in the ways of interpretation. Also some interesting theories behind it’s real life location or origin, some suggesting the Middle East and other suggesting North East Africa. Location is but a mere inconsequence really.

Now what’s wrong with my picture? Yes, that is in fact moses atop the mountain with his two tablets of stone. that I ripped off the original cover of the film, “The Ten Commandments.” I’ve never watched the film myself, and not sure that I want to either.

And yes the shape of the mountainous landscape is that of a female with no head. Currently. Don’t freak out now, I have no fetish for headless anything, seriously. Otherwise I’d probably get myself involved with them storefront manequins…

…uh?…lets just move on.

The plan is for the head or more specifically the face to emerge from the water in the form of those rocks you’d find in a pond. Ye those really smooth ones. Causing a little ripple effect I guess. Still ironing out those details at the moment.

Also I’ll be chucking in Adam n Eve in there somewhere I suppose, also not sure…If they fit in my plans you’ll see them in the finished article.

I’m well aware he had no involvement in the “creation story.” But this is MY creation story and therefore  I say he was there for the purpose of making my picture more entertaining than the one’s before it…

Much to your disappointment and mine, having not done any hallucinogenic drugs myself, this is merely an inerpretation I’ve come with based on what some people may or may not have told me and also unfortunately what I’ve been told by the idiot box and various documentaries and films etc.

I know I’ve been inspired by a music video some while ago… For the life of me though, I can’t honestly remember who sang it and what song it was but in the footage I watched years ago involved a scene similar to the one I created.

The similarity being a chick lying down and creating a landscape but reversed, so she was spreading and it was an animation and all weird and crazy (for lack of vocabulary) but well cool all the same. If anyone know’s what the hell I’m on about, good. Maybe message me and let me know.

With all that being said, I could either wait until I’ve tried said mind altering substances or I could continue to run with this idea and see what comes of it. Well, truth be told I might go for both options but just in the mean time I’ll work with what I’ve got at present.

Listening to tune deeply with sensi could still provide at least another angle or two, to spin with.

As I’ve learned with my work, nothing before it’s time. It will be finished when it is finished.

In other news:

Where did the time go? End of January already? Geez not much time until June when you think about it, reminds me of this time last year when the dissertation was over and everyone was working away towards ye olde degree show.

Not “much has changed since the last Mortal Kombat”

My website construction has hit a stumbling block and the unveiling is suffering from further delays. A pain in the tail, but so it goes.

I Went on a little recon. mission of sorts this morning, searching for a place for this little solo exhibition to take place.  Found a nice space, but it has it’s restrictions which might make it a no-go for my line of work i.e. with the highly controversial and sensitive content.
Thus the search continues.

I’m also planning to write a few short graphic stories, they’re actually going to be my interpretations of “the good book.” Naturally with my own little herbal twist. I’ve begun the writing while I was visiting London back in November. So that’ll kick off very soon, once I get some pressing matters out of the way.

And finally, tomorrow they plan to have a discussion about Marijuana: The Good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t know what comes to mind for you when you hear discussion but whatever it is you’re thinking, I’m sure this isn’t.

I say, “They” like you know who I’m referring to. They are the National Council of/for substance abuse or some folly, I can’t take them seriously. Think D.A.R.E though, and you won’t be far off.

They’re pannel is rather non-specific and from what I’ve read on the flyer not at all prolific; A psychiatrist, a pharmacologist and recovering drug addict. – That last part is actually recovering addict, I just added in ‘drug’ but presumably that’s what they’re refering to.

Something kind of like this, the-roast-of-weed except not funny…nor satirical…or at least not intentionally so.

Work in Progress:

Today I started working with oil paints after how many years and I’ll just say that I now remember why I chose to work digitally over the past few years. I admire work done in oils but honestly I don’t have the patience I used to when it was painting for leisure.

Here’s what I’ve got so far today

Stages 1 and 2 or Nig n Nog

Although I fully intend to finish this the way it started, I can somehow see myself finishing it both ways. Digitally and er..not digitally…Traditional is the word.

I have one good brush that’ll aid me through this ordeal, also a couple of Oil Paint Sticks. They are cool but new to me so it’ll take some time to master or at very least, getting used to.

At the end I would display them side by side, Digital juxtaposed to Traditional.

Who will win?

Riiight, good right folks!

H.G. Fields

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