This reblog is in honour of his birthday which was today. Robert “Nesta” Marley Jah live!

H.G. Fields

Mmm mmm mmm…

You might be familiar with this clip. If not, make it happen.

Although I can’t say that I’m entirely certain when it was exactly, that I first watched this. Presumably sometime in the region of this time last year [standard]. I still watch it from to time when I feel like I want to enjoy a meditation session with the legend.

Crazy, am I? Mmm, I think not.

Once you get past the dodgy journo’s condescending tone – specifically at the end where he’s cut off, talking about “Ganja Smoking Marley is hard to take seriously…- et al, the clip is actually rather tolerable. More tolerable at least than the extended version I found just this very day!

I was wondering where this interview came from and where the rest of the footage was, since watching the shortened clip a ways back. Evidently it was part of…

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