Cannaa do something different today?!

No new work here today, but some stuff that I found interesting in the ways of this subject matter.

Roughly around a year ago, I stumbled upon the confusion that is You may have noticed it’s in my inspirations colum.

I can’t remember the specific date, but I know it wasn’t long before 4/20. I recall waking up one morning after a wake’n-shark-n-bake at my flat in Londres. I vaguely remember now but I feel like it was an hour or thereabouts that I spent in having a fit of hysteria and laughter in bed. As I mentioned earlier, I literally stumbled upon this little treasure…

…which by the way, I found to be the most amusing thing I ever laid my eyes ‘pon.

Why did I enjoy them so much?

Probably had a whole lot do with how simple they look, and despite apparent lack of cohesion or structure. This largely due to the fact that it’s different people entering their ‘treecomic’ on reddit rather regularly. So the style of storytelling or narration will vary greatly from person to person. Though I have found sometimes after reading many at a time they all seem to merge into one.

The expressions of the ragemaker’s characters are always good for a laugh as well. On the surface it may just appear zany, absurd and the like. This is mostly true, but don’t be fooled quite often if you look beneath the surface, some might find that there’s some truth to these anectdotal endeavours that Stoner Simpsons*  may encounter in their day to day.

What I like about this?

I like that this sounds like a conversation I would have had several times in my years abroad. The lingo changes from group to group and region to region. There’s a lot of common ground that Smokey Mc Bongwaters acknowledge in their subculture. Lingo and slang play an important part. Humor is always found in words and substitution of certain words create a whole lot.

The example in the above narrative is where the narrator talks of salad when he actually means trees or mari jane. So why is it funny?

Well personally, if a friend of mine called and told me that he bought a genuine garden or ceaser salad, and furthermore wanted to know if I’d like to share it. Eyebrows and questions would have to be raised.

Treecomics is also nice for when there’s no salad around, especially if you find one about drouts.

You’ll find that in these comics there is often a reference to numbers portrayed like this -> [8]. On a scale usually from 0-9.

The numbers are an indication to how loaded a person is at a moment in time. You can find reference of this on the following chart.


This chart on it’s own is really funny, but the information actually appears legitimate and seems to make sense when read. I’m a fan of number [9].

This video I think I’ve seen a while back but saw it again yesterday evening. It’s not new but it’s a hella funny.

I think he’d definitely reach a [9] before he left the scene.

Irie folks,

H.G. Fields

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