The Dubious and The Doobie-us Sort

Visitor: Why is there a page on domestic violence on your browser? Do you ACTUALLY promote it?!!!

H.G.: Yes, yes I do, I’m trying to make it famous as well.

Visitor: You’re sick! OMG –

H.G.: – And you’re clearly blind…it says domestic reservoir.

Visitor: Oh! Why d-

H.G.: Sometimes we read to fast and are thus too fast to judge! Or we are so ready to judge that we read what we want!

Right that was an extract from my mind. Not an actual conversation as far as I know or am concerned. I like coming up with these hypothetical conversations, not because my interaction with humans is few and far apart. That’s not it, nor the truth. The reason being that I sometimes come up with wild arguments and altercations that I wouldn’t even be able to express. It’s like an explosion of dialogues going on.

That’s not actually the point of my post today. Today is a day for me to make people either famous, better known or just known to begin with.

Let us commence with the dubious sort first.

By now we’ve seen and heard all about this man over our various social media sites etc in the last few days or so – yes, that’s right Joseph Kony. – Dubious bastard.

I don’t usually follow trendy appeals to be honest, because quite often if it’s something I genuinely care about, I know from experience that it’s something that’ll never change or be taken seriously and thus dealt with. At all, ever.

Also the fact that gradually people tend to forget when the media or in this case social media brings something new for us to appeal such as, Bring back the old Facebook – I remember the days of petitioning for that one since the first change I noticed back in ’08. Though with that appeal, no one really forgets it just doesn’t get dealt with. – I’m dragging that gag for too long so moving on.

Alright then, never mind why I don’t usually do this. I’m doing it now.

In an earlier post you may or may not have read, I was doing a book on war for youths. It was to be a very graphic story book which would either make children sick and cringe at the idea or make them excitable and ready for Modern Warfare type of games etc and then eventually the army.

Well whether or not you’re familiar with this project I have on a burner, here’s where we were last time –

Now I have more fuel for the old proverbial fire.

So in short, get on that campaign. Very interesting video too. It goes to show that certain things most likely won’t become legal because congress is really where decisions are made and really count for anything so if there’s no perceivable profit involved then it surely isn’t going to interest them much. Never mind being a good human being etc and caring for others blah blah blah, lah-dee-f’king-dah.

Anyway make an effort and keep spreading the word and get this LRA motha f’ker dealt with appropriately. The world could do with one less egotistical loony ruining people’s lives and that.


Now, fun though that subject undoubtedly is…we’ll move on to..

The Doobie-us sort.

I’d like to introduce you guys and gals to a very inspiring musician local to Barbados – Beautiful country by the way, full of undiscoverd and if discovered least by locals themselves. Few make it out there others continue to be under looked and understated – I, however digress, the musician in question is none other than Simon Pipe! Well I know this man here and he’s a sporty man! Reggae being my favoured genre, I’m well glad that it, is what he sings a lot of.

I’d like to emulate but in visual art to be honest. As I would with most of the Reggae Greats. The message really doesn’t have to change that drastically, for the more things change, the more they tend to stay the same.

I’ll drop this tune for you lot, listen and listen well.

There are a few non herb songs that manage to get on this blog from time to time. This is not one of them.

This is a tune that I only heard for the first time yesterday but I haven’t been giving it any rest since either.

Usually when a herb song is posted here, thousands of people heard it before and it’s not terribly new. But this one, this one guys! This one is a very fresh and original exception! Check out his fan page here as well, if you dig this dude’s tunes.

You may have also noticed the above tune was a collaboration. This is true and it was with Buggy (check his stuff out on youtube also) our local musician and vocalist who sounds a bit like Spragga, without the slack lyrics. A real conscious and rootsy rasta man from Barbados again!

Ridiculous, the amount of talent we have around this rock we call Bim!


Now finally in closing, as we’re speaking of talent.

I’ll make an appeal. Please like my facebook fan page. Not sure why anymore, it used to seem more important to me before…I guess I just want to keep track and also feel good about myself and that. Obviously it’s better for people to click like if they genuinely like it, but followers are welcome too.

Not too shabby

I’m largely taking the mick here, really. I just wanted an excuse to promote myself and to show off the flashy new cover photo I put together, I’m quite chuffed with it to be honest. Anyway feel free to check it out and even click like if you feel so inclined.

I wouldn’t mind fame, but let it be as a result of the cause and hard work not just perennial self promotion and ceaseless self pontificating. Once my work affects people in a positive way, I would consider myself to be doing the job.

Also it seems the Ganja Peacock that I created has now somehow manifested itself as the image of H.G.Fields. Reminds me of a weedy version of the Tottenham Hotspur cockerel. Eh, whyyy not, ah?

Oh you also might have noticed I have a twitter thing on the side of the screen nowadays. Yes, that’s there to remind myself to tweet sensibly from time to time. Also to keep you lot, that much more informed. You’re always welcome to follow via that medium as well.

Irie, and remember folks! – You can’t trust the dubious types but you can trust the doobie-us.

H.G. Fields

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