One More Look At the Dubious…

I had a discussion about this J Kony for a little bit yesterday after posting yesterday’s article. Then this morning I woke up and read something that highlighted a few issues I actually did have with this video and campaign.

I know for one, yesterday I said that “I don’t usually follow trendy appeals to be honest, because quite often if it’s something I genuinely care about, I know from experience that it’s something that’ll never change or be taken seriously and thus dealt with. At all, ever.”

Call me a sucker, they got me entranced and behind the old bandwagon, caught up in the hype. Interesting as I pointed out, it’s like some crazy social experiment.

Even while riding on all the hype in the back of my mind certain things did play on me…

As observed by others and more specifically –

“The video profiles Jacob, a Ugandan boy whose brother was killed by Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, which routinely abducts children and turns them into soldiers — but it also cuts away from his story to scenes of non-profit members showing adorable blonde kids photos of “the bad guy” to make sure Americans don’t get too bored with the facts.

The video is upfront about being an experiment in viral media — the directors are actively taking advantage of the fact that “there are more people on Facebook than there were on the planet 200 years ago” and that “humanity’s greatest desire is to belong and connect.” But the self-satisfied voiceover and slick editing reminded me of the most obnoxious Kickstarter-funded documentaries I’ve been asked to support.”

As I sat there and watched, I had for a moment started thinking if this contained Hollywood actors, Aaron Eckhart (Thank You For Not Smoking) would be the narrator and protagonist as it were. In fact, it seemed as though the film would actually end with the savage bastard getting locked up and tried.

When you consider during day time television (for those of you who have the misfortune of watching at some point) you always see appeals for money towards charities, such as giving clean water and/or food to those in starving and impoverished nations and communities around the world. No where as closely dramatised but it is to some extent.

“[The video] feels much the same, laced with more macho bravado. The movie feels like it’s about the filmmakers, and not the cause. There might be something to the argument that American teenagers are more likely to relate to an issue through the eyes of a peer. That’s the argument that was made after the first film. It’s not entirely convincing, especially given the distinctly non-teenage political influence IC now has. The cavalier first film did the trick. Maybe now it’s time to start acting like grownups.

There are a few other things that are troubling. It’s questionable whether one should be showing the faces of child soldiers on film. And watching the film one gets the sense that the US and IC were instrumental in getting the peace talks to happen. These things diminish credibility more than anything.”


This stuff here, I pulled off this blog my bro sent me after our discussion regarding the Stop J Kony 2012 Campaign. Here’s the link –

So….what now?

Well, I look like a fraud after telling you lot to jump on this wagon. Though I’m doubtful that I would be one to sway you one way or the next. I think I’m back at where I started however. Stay away from the dubious. I don’t have neither a crystal ball nor every fact from every angle. I haven’t donated any money myself and apart from posting the video here yesterday and telling you lot to join in, I’ve done nothing. As shall I continue to do so.

I’ll resume promoting the usual cause – Legalise the Collie weed!

Irie, folks

H.G. Fields





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