Window to the Soul [Part I]

That’s what they say about eyes.

And can I just say? I love eyes.

Maybe you wouldn’t have noticed or known due to the content of the past months but if there is one thing I reckon that I’d never get bored with is illustrating, eyes.

You see..

The eyes have it. They say a lot, and it’s how they vary that really gets me going. I like it when they feel like they’re constricting in the back and when they get all glazed and begin to bleed. Not literal, gushing blood or anything but really red and the concept of eyes bleeding has fascinated me for some time. Even prior to my cannabis experience. What a lovely experience.

Then some eyes get really yellow, others I’ve seen looking like a sunset. I kid you not this man’s eyes were red at the bottom fading into an orange and then into a yellow. I’ll see if I can recreate something similar in nature for you lot to visually ingest. It were a sight for sore eyes, indeed.

Let’s go back some years. I know it seems as though I live in the past…quite often I do. Never the less we’re going back to 2005.

Eye Grieve Drawing (2005)

This sketch was done for my school based assessment for my CXC Art exam. Believe it or not, I somehow managed to fail art upon my first try in 2004 (fuck know’s how) and then I got a 3 on the second attempt. A three in this exam is the equivalent of a grade C. The CXC is the pretty much the Caribbean’s response to the British, GCSE.

I digress however, the above illustration fell under the category, melancholy. I clearly had the idea of seeing sadness in one’s heart through their eyes.

“If you can see a man’s face but can’t see his heart….”

Back then, when I drew this I hadn’t much encounter with events that would bring as much sorrow as the eye would suggest. On the right we see events or sequences that would inspire deep sadness. From the pupil going outwards to the right – a broken heart, a rifle and white flag (peace sign) which forms an X to represent war, then finally a gravestone which would represent death.

On the other side of the eye I wanted to represent a hypothetical or surreal view of how the eye operates. Giving it a more mechanical feel, for example; a reservoir which holds the tears, a barrel of corrosive substance which would coerce the eye into itching and producing tears and various pipes and hoses to add to it.

Digital Assault on Eye Grieve (2005 or 06)

As you can see here, I went a little bit wild with photoshop. This wasn’t long after first got my hands on it way back when. I was working with a mouse and thus mostly found myself working with a collage style than a painterly style. Not too shabby, I think. I can’t attack myself too much for this effort.

Now today I want to revisit this piece, hopefully for the last time. I would say that I have a better idea about sadness and disappointment than I had before. I mean it isn’t to say that I was devoid of these experiences which would create said emotion neither to say that the resulting symbols on the right are not relevant but I think they’re a bit broad. If it makes sense I want to get a little bit more personal with myself. I’ll see if that’s possible.

So yes, the plan goes as follows. For a week, starting today I’m going to be illustrating eyes which I will drop each day the H.G. Fields Fb page wall along the way. Looking into the eye, ideally I would like to express some level of pleasure, sadness, contentedness etc. I mean essentially the overall idea is to search the soul through the eye in a less literal sense.

On the final day i.e. next Thursday I’ll post the best/my favourite ones in part two on the blog. Which of course will be accompanied by more theory on the eye’s connection to the soul in art.

The accompanying track today is old in nature and a bit gruff.

And now, our featured presentation: Dancehall artist Bounty Killer of Jamaica.

If in listening to the lyrics, you still can’t work out why this track was chosen…then discontinue everything…everything. Trust the eye n’ eye.

I would love to continue with the puns but I reckon my low credibility will drop further.

Eye-rie folks,

H.G. Fields

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