Window to the Soul [PartII]

Bless your eyes and may your days be long
May you rise on the morning when His kingdom come..
Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley

It’s been about a week now since the previous post, Window to the Soul [Part I] and that means we’ve come to the end of an interesting project, ‘Eye n Eye.’

Yesterday I posted the final illustration so now today…

As promised – after a week of eyes being illustrated and posted on the Fb page here – Meanwhile I have posted a few of my most favoured below.

Not all seven made the cut, I only had a few select favourites, those that didn’t make it will most likely get a second chance if I decide to return to them in future.

Alas let us tarry on, no longer.

So in no particular order we commence..


Golden Eyed Beast

Not much to say here to be honest. I like the colours that resulted. This was supposed to be an eye just after crying. I didn’t really achieve the effect where the eye lashes are all stuck to each other, with the moisture. I got a bit of a grainy reddish thing happening in the white of the eye. I don’t actually get much emotion from this one, seems kind of cold, static, sterile. Yet there is still beauty to behold in it.

The title came to me when I was watching the Tina Turner music video for Golden Eye, like most Jame Bond intro songs this one was a top one. As was the film to be fair.


The Fearful Eye

This was the first of the seven eye illustrations. While I was rather confident about creating fear in this eye, I wanted to capture the event in which this moment of distress is felt. I thought about it for a while, interestingly around that same time a friend of mine posted a link to me in regards to the Trayvon case going on in Florida. As I listened to the accounts of what happened I could only imagine what it could have been like in those last few uncertain moments of life, with a gun aimed at one’s self.

So I thought to draw you (the viewer) in, I would bring the victim’s aggressor with a gun into frame to make it more engaging. I myself have never come under threat by a gun man, and if it’s possible I would like to keep it the same.


Monster Mit Grün Augen

The green-eyed monster herself. One of the seven deadly sins itself, jealousy. I was going more for a look of adulation in the eye, however I found that it resembled a look of envy, thus the title it received.

It’s also a bit reminiscent of the eye of the broad in the

This would have been executed the same way as the fearful eye, where in which I would include the reflection of the subject’s coveted interest. Though as I continued to labor over this piece, I found that I was content to the point where I wanted few distractions in it, as is I find the sheen or gleem which splashes across the pupil to suffice and fulfil such desire.


Eye Sew The Seed

For a better tomorrow..

This picture all happened kind of quickly, a lot of experimentation happening on the go. I just disengaged my brain for a little while and allowed my hand to just move freely and see what happens. The eye sideways reminded me of a seed a little bit in the ground if you were to look at it as a cross-section through the earth.

Definitely one of my more abstract pieces, though I was going for surrealist at first. A combination of the two maybe even.

When I realised I had a bit of a late night desert landscape going on I ventured further by adding a road, started laying down trees along the horizon and then changed my mind. As you can see, instead I had them pop out where the dude’s eyebrows are and one sprouting out of the ground above the seed/eye.

So I considered at the end there other ways this can be displayed.

Horizontal or Vertical...?

So after much deliberation, I still was without certainty…then started tinkering with the colour a bit.

Eye Sew The Seeds

So finally I think I’ve decided on how I would like to go about finishing this one-off. By copying and pasting my original selection of the face, I managed to create a zoomed in cut of the face surrounding the eyes. Then this old newsprint surprisingly surpassed its mundane task of being used as backing. It added to the image a little, in how it appears to zoom out a little and allows for a more zoomed out cut of the face.

It also works out quite interestingly, for the fact that before hand I considered constructing the last eye entirely of collage, now we have two eyes on top of random newsprint I found on Google images long time ago.

So ye, this one will definitely see some development over time. I want to print it rather large and with more details added to it, hopefully some even more intricate ones, as is you might have noticed the signatures mirrored on either side of the newsprint. Well think like that, and that’s kind of what I’m striving for.

So here’s one for our hearts and souls..

It’s a good tune on top of a hard sample of a harder tune. When a friend of mine about a month and a bit ago dropped this tune for me, I went absolutley wild. It’s only a year since I used to absolutely murda Linval Thompson’s ode to cannabis – “I Love Marijuana.”

So yes, enjoy friends.

For a better tomorrow.


So yes that’s it, we have in fact come to the end of the eye drawing exercise, it’s been good.

It’s a bit of a shame that I’m without my sketchbooks over the past four years, but when I’m finally reunited with them I’ll have to post a few extracts up on this forum. In the art foundation years, I had gotten seriously indulged in the art of the eye.

In my next post, it’ll be a bit of an inspiration board. A little added background to my work, if you will.

Just a mention before you go (If you haven’t already). Following the next two weeks I will be starting a full-time career as an illustrator at an animation company and thus will have less time to be blogging everyday, which I suppose hasn’t really been happening already. (congrats old man) Maybe no large difference in the end.

In any event I babble all of that to say, you should still expect one post a week, and as for when they’ll be scheduled, still remains to be seen.

I also would implore you all to read this! It’s a really moving piece of literature written by Sinead O’Connor (No, not the one off of Hollyoaks) the singer from Ireland. It’s in regards to the recent Trayvon murder in Florida. Honestly, she hits every nail on the head. Says a lot of things that I would have only briefly considered but other stuff that I definitely must have muttered before.

I end on this tune though, for no other reason than it being a top track by a top reggae singer who’s performing here next month at the annual reggae festival in Barbados, it’s your boy! Everton Blender with –

Lift Your Head Up!

Irie folks,

H.G. Fields

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