I Never Thought I’d See The Day

The day hemp would be legal. The end of prohibition.

Finally a huge step forward, they’ve come to realise that using hemp as an alternative resource for making paper, fuel and construction materials is the only way to provide a brighter future for the earth and it’s inhabitants.

Hemp's a go go, baby!

Wait, what’s this?

April Fools!?


Right, of course. So that was in fact a dream I had where the world was balanced and began to make sense.

In reality the people in charge still outlaw cannabis and hemp.

A cold blooded killer, without a shadow of a doubt, with all evidence pointing towards him continues to walk. Free of punishment.

That’s okay though, you know why? The justice system is at least taking care of the drug problem and continues to charge and incarcerate decent and otherwise law biding people for possession of harmless old cannabis, every few seconds.

So that means the streets are safe now so long as you’re not coloured, don’t carry skittles nor a can of iced tea. – Obviously no hoodie as well.

Soooo, where is the justice you ask? There is none, no such thing exists. Progression over the past years looked very real and in some ways, I suppose it was but we have still largely been living in the dark ages. Never mind today’s recession, it’s the regression that concerns me more.

Anyone want to play a little guessing game?

If yes, continue. If no, then kindly gtfo.


So here’s a little diagram for you guys to look at. See if you can figure out which is the least harmful for my health, safety and general well being.

Don’t worry it’s easy, it’s a multiple choice question.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other (8)

Alright, it’s answer time!

If you picked (a.) Good job. If your choice was based on it being  just a plant, then you get extra marks.

If you picked (c.) you must be as clueless as Ann “cunting” Coulter (pictured). This vile, pious bitch interestingly seems to know some deal about “hate crime hoaxes” and defence of such cunts as (b.) and (d.).The audial, shite spewing hate mongerer would otherwise send me on a trip to the very brink of insanity and thus making me eligible for a good old fashioned sectioning i.e. a very long stay at the psychiatric hospital.

(b.) and (d.) Is in fact the same cunt. The vile vermin that could easily make things uncomfortable for me with just the squeeze of a trigger. – So if you picked either of the two, you must mistake me for a confederate flag waving redkneck, because I’m pretty certain that’d be the only way I would probably evade threat from the man who somehow considers me a threat. – Oh and also if I fell into a vat of bleach.

Well done.

You see? That wasn’t so difficult.

In a world where ignorance and injustice reigns supreme, I concede defeat.

The right which is often wrong as the day is long, wins as usual.

Not so Irie Folks,

H.G. Fields

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