Post 4/20 Project

On to the next one..


Everyone had a good day on Friday? All in all it was a 4/20 well spent for me. My few missions for the day were complete and had quite a few positives since.

It’s time now to move on.

I was working on this weird illustration last night.

The herb and spice merchant.

It’s not finished yet, no… mostly the legs of the “herbs and spice merchant” and the all seeing eye animal are the main things which need fixing. Work on the toning as well of his hands and face. More detail in his cloak as well.

This could be regarded as mixed media or collage. In that the herb resting inside of the basket is a photo I ripped from google images. One miniscule object from the image and placed on the basket. I was then able to erase around and let it fit into the basket thus.

Alas the “camel” was supposed to have a camel’s head. It was supposed to be but then…..blah blah blah – happened.

Long in short is, that I wanted to do something surreal.

I will go into detail when this piece o’ work is finished.

This is a result of 420.



 Aye, speaking of which we’ve {} reached several milestones, big and small.

On 4/20 we managed to get 420 and between then and now, we’ve hit the 500 mark!  I must say, I really like how things are evolving. So yeah, if you haven’t been before, go on and make it happen. Next we’re aiming for 1000 mark.

A reminder to you all of course new website has been launched along with the Limited Edition of 12 – 4/20 postcards with my work on em!

Friday’s post was the 75th on hgfields.wordpress. So yes, I’m starting a new project this week and details of that will be divulged at least by this time next month. If not a little sooner. Working on a proposal of sorts for an interesting project as well so I will update you lot on that also.

I have a tune for you all as well.


This is a friend of mine, working on his music constantly.


Irie Folks,

H.G. Fields

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