Smoke and Mirrors (cont.)

It’s Memorial day today, innit?

It doesn’t actually apply to me but for those who it does apply to, have a happy one.

Either way it’s a bank holiday, Whit Monday, which again has little to do with me since I don’t actually start my job until the end of the week but it’s all good.

I like bank holidays so I can deal with that. Usually it entails me going to the beach, which I would not be opposed to today, quite frankly.

In any event, on to our feature presentation.

It’s video time!

Rather than updating the previous post, I’m going to just do this instead.

I wanted to bring to your attention, a few videos for your viewing pleasure.

Starting with –

The introduction of Barry Cooper’s, “Never Get Busted Again

For those of you who are not familiar with Barry Cooper, he’s an ex-cop from the narcs division who saw to many a successful interdiction, turned anti-prohibitionist. Apparently Cooper was rather efficient at what he did, being a top K9 trainer leading the assaults on all drug offenders, from smugglers to simple users.

However, him being a mane who was soon to be overcome by good sense and compassion eventually realised that what he was doing was technically wrong. I say technically because; yes, he was doing his job and his job was law enforcement and weed being illegal, means busting people in possession of said substance and there he was doing as the book advocates but at the same time it’s not right as he learned later. Destroying families and people’s lives is not right, on account of possession of a substance which causes less harm than the legal consequences.

I like his story, and having watched a few clips from this DVD before, I finally managed to take in the intro and see what Barry was all about.

In this video he talks about how he got into the law enforcement career path in the first place and his early days on the force. The epiphany or revelation is in where he explains his conversion. He serves as a prime example of how well propaganda and lies can easily shape our lives. Many, if not most of us from young were taught of the many perils associated or created out of cannabis use – it’s a very terrible drug that will lead you on to other drugs which will in turn ruin you and consequently end your life, blah blah fucking blah.

When Cooper realises through experimentation and research on cannabis that everything he thought and was taught about the plant were unfounded and horrendous lies, thus he transformed in the anti-prohibitionist that you see in the videos.

Carrying on smartly – we’re still hanging with Mr. Cooper but now he’s up against the idiots at Fox News. Check it out, who will win?

Now I don’t need to say too much about this video, rather I can’t without going off – on a proper rant about the conservative spewers of bilge that is the Fox News corporation. Actually if you watched the video, you’ll see that he handled himself well against the ridiculous allegations put forward, towards him.

If you didn’t watch it, you’ll hear one of the lunatics behind the news desk comparing someone who smokes a joint (only) to a child molester. Hmmm, how does she figure? Sure, she has to say certain things as I’m sure it’s in her contract and yes I’m well aware that Fox doesn’t like to use facts to make or back up an argument but still – at the end of the day, a closed mouth holds no feet.

I found the video to be bittersweet – it’s amusing to see everyone in the Fox studio grabbing at straws and getting in a frenzy when they realised they can’t defeat logic. At the same time, listening to their conclusions, accusations and lies to “support” their lame duck argument is a bit infuriating because they are still some idiots ignorant people who would still believe that today. The same way they accuse Barry of taking advantage (where do they come up with this stuff?) of the law-abiding citizen is the same way they at Fox take advantage of the dull and the ignorant.

That being said, if you genuinely believe everything you see on Fox to be true, then I guess there’s no sense in appealing to your “integrity“. It’s too late.

Actually if you watch Fox News, you probably aren’t reading this and I’m probably just writing to myself at this juncture.

Rolling on –

Penn Jillette calls out the pres. sensibly of course, not like the degenerate waste that is Ted Nugent. I apologise to Jillette for having his name in the same sentence as that terminally ill NRA sycophant.

As I was saying, Jillette like others in the U.S. is not particularly keen on the way Obizzle has taken on the war on drugs. Given that a handful of recent polls show – contrary to what those at Faux News seem to think – that a vast majority of the American population is ready to kick prohibition in the rear, so it’s no wonder Penn gets a little incensed at Ob’s hypocritical stance on the war on drugs. He promised to cut the medical cannabis dispensaries some slack but not long after he changed his position on it and allowed the feds to go mental on ’em.

Here’s my first source, and of recent my favourite source for news – TYT or The Young Turks – A way better alternative to 24 hour news networks on cable tv et al. In fairness I like to get my Arts & Culture news from the Guardian still. Also I will occasionally refer to Al Jazeera for world news whereas I’ll go to TYT for news in the U.S.

I don’t live in the U.S. but that doesn’t make me any less interested either. And where this big “O” rant is concerned, I know I can thoroughly relate to Penn.

The above video was just to give the following video some context.

Next on the menu is the actual Jillette rant, I’m still looking for a longer version

Truth is, I don’t think there is much Barry-O can do as far as it goes with law making, but the mere fact that he applied pressure when he could have left it as it was prior to his in statement, just goes to show he’s trying too hard to please the wrong people. He’s a smart guy, but maybe hasn’t made the best decisions if he serves another term, hopefully he will give the majority of people what they want, or something close to it.

What sound does a pig make? “Freeze dirtbag!”

This is what I’m currently working on, and it has a way to go before we can even see the end…kinda like the drug war itself.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazin’and Stay Amazing,

H.G. Fields

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