Throwback Tuesdays!

Opening with a personal favourite of mine.

I’m a bit partial to Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s cover of this tune, but it actually sounds almost the same.

Starting this off with a serious throwback – this was in my very first sketch book in London, the one we received at the beginning of our Foundation Degree course at Wimbledon.

“Untitled 2007” also known as “The Beginning”

I did it during my first 2 weeks of Fine Art. Memories flood in, not much of which I would share with ye. They were good times only to be visited for a short time in my time machine.

This, is in the days where I gradually eased into the cannabis experience, before I had done much research and was merely curious about all of its associated schools of thought and cultural facets. Quite frankly I don’t know what door I was on about, presumably some metaphysical door way into some cosmic parallel universe or some next dimension, perhaps the next dimension.

I decided to leave it as untitled, although “the beginning” would be a rather apt title. It was definitely the start of what has become a four or five-year long journey.

Perhaps it was the doorway to where I am now, as opposed to gateway.

How interesting that since then I haven’t been on any hard drugs that they’d have warned us all about. Hmm, so strange.


For the record the following was written on January 17th. I think it’d be obvious, that I mean of this year but in case it ain’t so clear-cut, 2012.

N.B. this was back when Ron Paul still appeared to be in the race of sorts, and Newt looked more likely than current GOP leader Mitt Romney.

I was watching on FauxNews (i.e. FoxNews) last night. Why? Why would this liberal artist subject himself to such conservative (borderline fascist) torture they’d have us call television? Well, the Republican primaries debate was on and I had to have a look at what filth might be crawling out of the gutter to take the reins as el presidente.

I already knew a bit about Ron Paul, who I encourage people to vote for if they are eligible to do so. I knew less but something about Gingrich and his first name says a lot, “Newt”. True to his name he seems like a slimy reptile, the blue blooded serpent prince anyone? Doubtful, I’ve seen creepy crawlies with more personality and charm than he.

The other hopefuls seem to be a pack of hope-nots, not very lively or interesting in my opinion.

Anyway, by now you may know that Ron Paul, despite being a Republican seems like a pretty decent, stand-up kinda guy. He’s all for drug law reform, to declassify cannabis from its current illegal status and allowing people their freedom of choice. Also while the rest of the other hopefuls are all about pro war, he deems it unnecessary. So it’s clear this liberal republican is going to require all the support he can get. If you were a democrat before, well see if you don’t want to change political affiliation for a little while.

I’m guessing however, even if this man was to make it to presidency he would probably face a tough trial trying to pass bills through congress, it’s been tried and tried again.

Watch this video to get a little idea of what they’re working with in the U.S. Although the general public’s views have changed drastically, congress still seems to be a stumbling block.

The following article was written in 2009, and no, not by me. That in itself should be clear, but just so there is no confusion.

Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals :: archief

Beautiful contrasts between the relationships with the prison systems and drugs in let’s say the U.S. and the Nederlands.

In the U.S. the penitentiaries are for the most part if not all privatised, so more criminals mean more revenue for the owners of the correctional facilities. Since it’s a crime to buy, sell or possess drugs these days.

Call me crazy for using a politician to support an argument I’m making but here it is:

“This war on drugs has been a detriment to personal liberty and it’s been a real abuse of liberty, Our prisons are full with people who have used drugs who should be treated as patients — and they’re non-violent. Someday we’re gonna awake and find out that the prohibition we are following right now with drugs is no more successful, maybe a lot less successful, than the prohibition of alcohol was in the ’20s.”

Meanwhile on the farm or well the Nederlands.

“During the 1990s the Netherlands faced a shortage of prison cells, but a decline in crime has since led to overcapacity in the prison system. The country now has capacity for 14,000 prisoners but only 12,000 detainees.”

How unusual you might think. Why is it there are such a shortage of criminals or crime. Hmm. Interesting that a country who has a very easy approach to drugs and drug abusers also seems to have a decrease in crime. I’m not going to say drugs make the world go round. On the other hand drugs do go around, and perhaps in a place where they’re more easily accessible and there is no (legal) consequence for dabbling with said drugs – (Back to the present 18th/19th June) I genuinely forgot where I was going with that but if you put 1 and 1 together you just might get 2. If you get any number other than that, well er… congrats, I guess.

Given the advent of the wietpas (weedpass – for those who are perpetually in the dark) and other going on’s in Holland since this was initially written. I guess it will be now be interesting to see how the country itself fears, what with the decision to commit economic suicide.

I think it’ll make an interesting model however. When you can look at how a country running the way it did for several many years and then switches like that, we can only expect shitey things. Not to wish bad on ’em but I hope they learn their lesson. Naturally a lesson which the rest of the world may be able to learn from with the odds being stacked in favour of the cannabis smokers.

Here’s a fairly or somewhat relevant video that is rather current – what a sodding coincidence, aye – It’s The Young Turks!

I love ’em though, proper liberal news! Bless em!

——————————————– END———————————————

The following is written today. Today? That could be any day really. More specifically today is the 18th of June.

Time for a news update.

My alter ego or other (not so secret) identity is now working a 9-5. If you know me, you know what my job is. If you don’t then you don’t. I’ll just say that it’s really amazing and it’s in the creative field. A few months ago you may or may not have read my article where I’m blubbering on about not being able to find a job as an artist blah blah blah, usual sad and true story. It’s somewhere in there, can’t remember exactly when but whatev’s – Much has changed since then, and now there’s a bed of roses of sorts growing in my garden.

Along with that change, comes the resulting genuine busyness. Not to say that times before when I said I was busy, that I wasn’t actually in fact busy but now significantly more busy than that busy time.

So all of that to say, I will be updating this blog a lot less often for a month or two until I get proper accustomed to this full time job ish.


If you lot check my facebook page ala here -> – then you’ll see every Tuesday until I run out of material, that I will be posting throwback sketch book…er sketches which will be re-illustrated and posted along with aforementioned sketch book illustrations. It’s called “Throwback Tuesdays!” – The name is catchy and unoriginal, but I like to think the work isn’t so go on then.

Also today for those of you who don’t have or use facebook as your medium to enjoy or grimace at my work I’ll post the last few illustrations I posted for “Throwback Tuesdays.

ala right here.

Ganjapilla I

Ganjapiller II

I owe you lot some illustrations…

So look more pictures!


The jungle executive head hunter, the executioner.

Jungle Exec.

Warning, strong language ahead…

In other news, Rodney King died in his pool after getting absolutely cunted, having drunk some booze and smoked whatever amount of marijuana but also years after getting beat down by a pack cunting officers and cheated by the unjust corrupt cunts that run the country.

He eventually got a settlement of sorts, which is the least they could have done – should have still locked up the scummy bastards but so it goes.

All that to say they’ll probably want to blame it all on marijuana found in his system and claim and blame it on the weed. And probably ignore all else.

Scheduled 1 drug aye? I’d schedule it as the 1st thing to go for. I’d say it’s only dangerous if there’s no snacks or drinks in sight or within reach.

End rant.

——————————– Inspirations From The Past ———————————–

I feel like I posted that little number before, in any case doesn’t matter…it’s a good one.

I know (actually just assume to be honest) you lot like to see where and how I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten in terms of my work et al.

So for you today I have some pictures from this lovely book called, “200 Trips from the Counterculture Graphics and Stories from the Underground Press Syndicate” – I’ll just say it’s a fuckin’ lovely book. I bought it last year when I needed some ideas for my degree show work and it tied in pretty nicely with what I had done in terms of my dissertation.

So lest we forget here’s some nice thought provoking visuals from yesteryear –

I liked it, interestingly I used to refer to myself as Phunbaba waaaay back in the day. A few years ago during my pilgrimage I went to a lovely coffee shop called Baba’s, when I finally got this book it all made sense in that one moment.

“OZ rallies the troops to legalize pot, 1968”

Before there was 4/20 there was..

“Pamphlet for the Marijuana Parade, New York, 1970”

The only time I find the pronunciation of the word herb as ‘erb apart from hearing it from a Jamaican is from a Frenchman, ala

Actuel on weed, February 1974 (Left) : Pot’s a laughing matter, Mainmise, 1971 (Right)

Free weed and legal dope:the battle goes on.

Berkeley Barb

The Federal Bureau of Irritation – in an almost Neo Neuvo style.

The FBI is run by hypocritical crook J.Edgar Hoover.

If you don’t know of him (and you should), do some research on the man mentioned above. It would improve your understanding of what that caption is all about. In short though, he was a right pain in the ass for blacks in the 60’s and probably didn’t help much in deterring the black power movements at the time.

He wasn’t much too fond of us, and certainly not the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King. His efforts to undermine Dr. King at least didn’t prove to be entirely successful. I also read somewhere that he investigated John Lennon per Richard Nixon’s command, complete with surveillance and all.

And of course here’s the second of the two “Throwback Tuesdays” pictures – This one was born of the final transition into my countercultural phase.

“As Thomas Jefferson Once Said”

Have a good one guys, it’s Tuesday not Monday, which is irrelavant to me for every day is a day – I love redundancy, if that much wasn’t apparent already – but yes, enjoy it. I’m falling asleep and it’s only 9 o’ clock, so it’s time to do some drawing, watch a few cartoon shorts and then sleep.

Speaking of which here’s another brilliant animation for those of you who may enjoy them, and if you’re a fan of logo’s and graphic design etc. I’m sure you’ll love them. Especially you brand conscious bastards who love nothing more than to contribute to capitalism…bastards. Hah!

Maybe in the future you’ll see something like that from your’s truly [Insert Smiling/Winking Emoticon for I sure as fuck ain’t] but in the mean time enjoy that there so.

My language has been uncharacteristically out-of-order and crass – It’s probably because I’m so excited to be posting after several weeks of inactivity – No apologies no but this isn’t a new trend, so worry not my sensitive friends and followers. I’ll resume normalcy in the next post.

Irie folks and always remember,

Keep Blazin’ and Stay Amazing!

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