Alice in…

Woodstock [1969]

Good night all. I was sober when I wrote this but when I posted it is another story, fuck.

Today we’re jumping into the time machine so we can have a glimpse into the past, briefly identifying the catalysts of the “free love” movement in the early days of the counter culture movement. Particularly during the year of ’69, the year which kick-started the “Sexual Revolution” in America.

============  Inspirations and Research ============

Duuh-Yup, returning to one of my favourite stories of all time which obviously had a long lasting impact upon me.

I have decided to continue to run with the Wunderland theme as will be rather obvious, and in addition to that, here’s some impetus that informed and inspired this month’s work.

The documentary on a whole was really informative for me overall. It really puts some perspective on how sexuality all over has been influenced by the sexual revolution in, of all years ’69.

Almost too good to be true, really. While I recommend you watch the documentary in it’s entirity, I would like to highlight the bits that are most relevant to this month’s illustration as well as blog. I.E. the bit about the hippy movement and Woodstock 1969.

This month I also became aware of the musical porno called “Alice in Wonderland.”

Ha, yes – you read that correctly.

“Musical porno?!”

you ask,

What the fuck am I on about??

you wonder,

What I’m going on about is an amusing adult film that is crossed with a musical. I haven’t watched it myself so my amusement comes largely from what I got from the film summary, as well as a few short clips which for the sole purpose of research, had to be investigated…obviously.

You pervs out there can feel free to google it. For in a strange turn of events I’m not bothered to link that smut here on this old blog o’ wog.

I will however, share this here old illustration from the cover of the cassette tape box.

Another sordid and comedic tale in the world of Wonderland.

I learned of this film in the same documentary above, during the segment regarding Playboy. Which by the way, seemed like a dandy piece of literature back then. I say that in seriousness, it was pretty much a pioneering lad’s mag of the time and after getting this little insight on the early days of Hefner’s empire I must say that I have a bit of new found respect.

I don’t subscribe nor read it so I can’t say I know what the current status is for the magazine today, but certainly back then it actually seemed like it was a bit of a respectable monthly publication. I suppose like a slightly more racy version of Maxim or FHM as we know them today.

Alice (Kristine Debell) from “Musical Comedy” Alice in Wonderland (1976 )

A pervy and rather suspect cover photo, even for Playboy I thought at first. I guess it’s all about pushing the envelope, keeping people on their toes and attracting a crowd from wherever. Everyone has their fetishes and I can’t exactly say that I should be excluded from this grouping.

===================  Feature Presentation ==================

Alice has left the building

N.B. the finished product will be available on my online gallery later on in the year.

Well in a similarly weird way, I decided to illustrate my own version of Alice and her encounter with the opiate smoking caterpillar loosely based on the original story, while using a similar composition I decided on bringing the customs and behaviors of the patrons that attended Woodstock ’69 as the central theme of the image.

Rather that was the idea in the beginning but it eventually became what it is you see above.

I was thinking youthful hippies in their early twenties just chilling in the mud and grass getting high on acid and marijuana, boddies bare as the day they were born, listening to trippy rock, and embracing the very ideas of free love.

If film makers could screw around with a story I knew from since a child, then I could re-fashion the story also – with Alice instead of dreaming of the regular Wonderland or her exploring “Sexual Wonderland” according to the musical comedy, I would hurl her back into time during the early years of the sexual revolution and possibly the pinacle of the counter culture movement.

I must further highlight a few important and otherwise inspiring key factors that informed the illustration set before you today.


There were two instances in the film, Easy Rider (1969) – which I’ve mentioned in one or two posts before – that fully came to mind while working on this piece.

Spoiler Alert!

1. There was a part very early in the film where the hippy bikers or ‘Easy Riders’ stopped off at a hippy commune in some part of the American SouthWest. In the commune where, “free love” was practiced. When they decided to leave, yhey were also given a LSD as a token to be taken later on with “the right people.”

2. The other part which pertains more to my illustration; is where they end up in a cemetery in New Orleans, with two prozzies they hired from a local brothel. The two lads who clearly found “the right people” decided to take the LSD they were given earlier on their journey with the girls.

They experience a trip which I could only surmise as, a bad acid trip. During this wild psychedelia they get into some wild Catholic prayer. The feeling, was translated pretty well in film format, with the use of quick edits, trippy sound effects, and over-exposing the film. Having never done LSD myself, not sure if it’s a convincing take on a bad acid trip but it’s a pretty intense and interesting bit of camera action.

So that being said, I didn’t want the mood of the illustration to be an overly enjoyable psychadelic ride in itself, nor fun and exciting as footage of Woodstock would have us feel. I was more after the feeling evoked during Easy Rider LSD scene. Less bright and groovy colours – more dark and possibly somewhat disturbing look into the vast unknown.

As a result we have Alice, there laughing her head off while sitting thinking she shrunk out of her clothes. At this point she seems to have completely lost it, she is on some other wave length, so far removed from reality. Nothing resembles what she once knew, watched on by a stranger in the form of the hookah smoking caterpillar. He just sits there atop a shroom with an ubridled look of mischief and bad or poorly misinterpreted intentions for our heroine.

Within the Hookah, he harnesses his substance of choice, smoke in the form of cosmic energy. While in hand, Alice holds in her possession a freshly sparked joint.

If you haven’t watched Easy Rider as yet and haven’t planned to, watch the clip, you might be persuaded to give it a go. If you were planning on watching the film however, well this clip isn’t really much of a spoiler per se but it would probably be a lot more appreciated if it’s viewed in context to the rest of the film.

The Munchies

As you’ll find in this illustration the caterpillar and Alice get the munchies and decide to go to town on a mango that dropped from a tree. It’s a drug fueled adventure so you should sincerely expect the munchies to come into play.

You’ll also notice that I mentioned Alice, but she’s not at all present for this illustration. Also the caterpillar looks like that because this is about only the third stage in the image’s progression. It’s a work in progress so sue me. When the series is complete later on this year, I will set you all with the appropriate link to view all in their finished splender, so fear not.

==================== News ====================

– Well you know I’ve discussed this little issue a few times in the recent past. I, like many others forsaw this result after the “weed pass” was, well passed.

The result, as we all but the prohibitionist politicans themselves theorised;  has commenced the advent of illegal street dealing of cannabis in the streets of Holland  – as HighTimes will inform you…

“Wunderbar!” he exclaimed with great relish…

Now they can finally start filling up those many prisons they had to shut down due to lack of criminals. The usual failings and misgivings of prohibition. Well done, fuckers.

Well it looks like I’m a bit late to the party but check this vid I saw also on HighTimes the other day – DEA cunts have not a clue, sound like fucking robots. (mind my language)

Very good video clip here –

By now we all know how the system works, this video wasn’t to teach us anything we didn’t know before. Instead it only reinforces what we knew all along. i.e. Up yours prohibition.

Aaaaand! Speaking of prohibition…

I have two more items to share with you guys. I try to keep it current around here but with the posts being less frequent, some news and clips have a little age on em. Still, if you haven’t seen these items before, then it’s all good as you’re seeing em here.

You’ve watched; The Union: The Business of Getting High. If you haven’t, then you haven’t been born yet. I would really recommend that you do.

Okay, so assuming you have and enjoyed it; the film makers behind that production are back and trying to work on another film for us all to enjoy – Learning is fun! – however, in order for this to all come together, they require a little fundage or they will not be able to carry our said plan.

Hence thus

They are asking for some small monetary donations in the form of a pledge. Being a fan of their work and wanting to see more, am backing em.

Here’s the link to their website – – where you can organise your support for the cause or at least get more info on it. They’re doiong pretty well but they got 19 more days to go, so get on it guys.

Viva revolucion!

Signing off now with a little cultural debate ‘ere so.

=============== Cultural Debate ================

Now to finish off with a bit of Town Square which I tend to reach via TYT.

In this Town Square meeting, the debate is so amazingly relevant to what I’m on about this month. And for that, I must say that I just love when a plan comes together.

What’s it about then?

“Are there any schedule one drugs with therapeutic value, and if so, should we reschedule and study them? Does musicians’ drug use inspire teenage fans to experiment with drugs, or is that a red herring? Can drugs enhance sexual gratification? Can drugs enhance the pleasure and intimacy of sex?”

For as a wiseman once said; an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.

I won’t pretend to be a wise man, but I will end with this familiar phrase from yours truly

Irie folks,

Keep blazin’


Stay Amazing!

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