I Used to Smoke..

..I still do, but I used to as well.

Can’t remember where I saw that quote, but somewhere drifting around the internet.

So ye folks, it’s been a while. I’ve been writing a blog post for you lot about a month ago, never posted it because it was never finished. I think I pretty much lost the drive for that one. I also had an illustration in the works for it as well.

Though that piece of illustration is not yet finished, I’m going to show ye what’s done thus far.

Starting with another Ganjafield Cigarette magazine ad which falls under my branding motif.

The Dutch Doll and the Golliwog once again make another feature. Notice the watermelon themed patrol cap or “Castro” hat. No don’t worry, the lass is not a personification of a watermelon.

I started this one last month, once again messing around with the idea of legal cannabis and using the old anti cannabis propaganda as a slightly ironic means of advertising.

It doesn’t carry as much weight as I thought it should but at the same time admittedly I was glad that it gave me an excuse to illustrate a wire frame with some bub bubs. It doesn’t sound charming, no but there’s perhaps merit in my honesty.

Beach Bums Enjoy Ganjafield Blunts

I also had some pretty good video links at the time, which feels a little bit irrelevant now. On the bright side however,  I just came across this brilliant discussion on The Point this morning. As the name suggests, it’s on the point. Also pretty relevant material overall and when I think why I started working on the subject matter that I do.

Speaking of wire frames, which in the non traditional sense of the word, I happen to be a rather large fan of. A little debate on skinny vs thick or (Real).


Aaaaaand a little update for all of you who have been flooding the inbox with Keep Blazin’ and Stay Amazing T’s. Good news is; they should be available very, very soon. I wanted to have them out for the Summer, but these things happen, or don’t happen…as it would happen.

Anyway all that to say that you’ll be able to get your hands on em via 420Fortunes. For all of you Cannabis enthusiasts, the one stop head shop. http://www.420fortunes.com/

Aight, that’s me for this month, hear back from me early – middle of next month.

Irie folks and as always,

Keep Blazin’


Stay Amazing!

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