My Congrats to Collie-rado and Washington State!

I’m always late to the party, but perhaps it’s just a little bit more ridiculous this time – as I actually prepared a post on the night of the elections – but my illustrations weren’t ready on time so there’s been this fairly long delay.

The secret has come out, the American Presidential Elections were held earlier this week. Before I get to the good stuff, I’ll just say that I’m happy that the democrats won.

Now in spite of that good news, Mr. President is still being knuckleheaded by not putting the DEA on a leash. It’s saddens yet doesn’t surpise me at all that the feds will want to apply more pressure on Colorado and Washington – continuing to ignore a person’s human rights – the law abiding and tax paying people of their respective states.

“Custodite Ardentisqu Et Sustinente Prodigiosus
Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing” – The Seal (Illustration) inspired by that of the U.S President’s. Another branding idea linking in with other previous illustrations.

The conservative mad hatters are crying out at the state of their decaying wonderland full of degenerates.

The following video gives some perspective on these matters.


 “Babylon is falling, Babylon is falling

  it was foolish to build it on the sand.”

                             – Steel Pulse – Handsworth Revolution


Despite that, there’s a change in the winds. It’s a step in the right direction.


If a the fight for freedom sign me up
Cause you Tell-Lie-Vision can’t blind me up
Soldiers and police dem wising up, realizing they’re no more right than us
Realizing there’s no use fighting us
Realizing their opening their eyes to see the same demoralizing life as us

– Damian “GongZilla” Marley


In older news, Amsterdam pretty much made the weed pass null and void. As we surmised, when this silly law barring tourists from the coffee shops was announced and finally implemented, they’d quickly realise it wasn’t an ecconomically sound idea, thus. So fear not, f0r you ganja loving tourists may resume making your pilgrimage to the land of milk and honey.


That was a chill tune from the late Natasja.

There you have it though, can’t fight it now. The gates are open now, and if these states set a good example and get other states following. Then who know’s what from there? It can only get better from here now, or at least I hope.

All right folks, G’night

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing.

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