“Are you and Daddy smoking a cigarette?”“No, baby,” said her mother. “This is a joint. It’s made of marijuana.”


Top o’ the morning to ye!

Today we’re kicking off this post with a little literature review. Not so much a review as a little insight on some good reading that I stumbled across recently.

Followed by a look at what’s happening in the H.G’s studio, two illustrations. Then we see what’s happening in some other cannabis culture and to cap it off, finally new.

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Literature review time.

It’s so weird that only just this week, I discovered this book “Go The Fuck To Sleep.” Very entertaining children’s book which Samuel L. Jackson did an audio for last year, or so.

 Now, what’s so weird about discovering this item, this very week? The fact that days later I discovered this particular gem, completely by accident/coincidence. It was literally a case of, watching a youtube video of Bill O’Reilly being mocked by liberals and then wandering off and by chance clicking on a link with this heading, “Bill O’Reilly on Marijuana / It’s Just a Plant.”

This is probably still no clearer. It turns out the illustrator Ricardo Cortés for “Go The Fuck To Sleep” is also the illustrator of his own book, “It’s Just a Plant.” – now to be fair to you, I can understand why you’d find there to be little cause for the mass hysteria from my end but I was really captivated by the illustrations in GTFTS and then for me to see them in the following clip; just made me go wild when I instantly recognised the art style.

I honestly have to say that, I’m in love with this book, every part of it – Ricardo Cortés’ illustrations have a childish and naive feeling which correlates to the nature of the little girl, the protagonist – While that is probably quite unsurprising, there has been alternative reading material on the subject that didn’t come across as well as this, to me. I’m speaking particularly about Ziggy Marley’s, ‘Marijuana Man’.

 I don’t think I can be quite bothered to go into the details of that graphic novel, google it. I’ll just say that the idea was essentially good, and interesting at first from the premise but it doesn’t deliver like, ‘It’s Just A Plant’. While I wasn’t as big a fan as I thought I would be, it isn’t a bad effort and I’m still glad I own a copy of it.

As I was saying though; I love this book for a variety of reasons, mainly for the fact that it’s a book geared towards children, teaching them about cannabis, the right way. The way in which the story is told, and how the illustrations have such an innocent and naive style to them, so brilliantly reflecting the writing.

[Stand In]

Bless Her.

  The same way the anti cannabis propaganda over decades was used to brainwash the youth from early about the “ills” of the demonised botany, we must now give our future a chance and educate them wisely. I can’t stress it enough, as children are our future they ought to be taught about the truths of this wonderful bit of nature.

I took the following directly off wikipedia (a bit lazy, I know) but the source seemed legit, take it with a pinch of salt.

“Mark Souder, a Republican representative of the U.S Congress from Indiana, heavily criticized the book, saying that it supported marijuana for kids. Katu News, in Portland,Oregan, reported on the story, and covered the reactions of parents to the book outside a local Portland school. The reactions ranged from criticism from some parents, under the reasoning that the book contained more information than a child needed, to support from others, one pointing to her time in the Netherlands, which she believed had a more sophisticated approach to drug use.”

The other reason this has managed to arrest my attention is because I also wanted to work on one (Mr. Skifo the Walking, Talking Cannabis Plant) myself, also aimed at the youth. You may or may not be aware that, I was also working on a children’s book on war and capitalism – that’s still on the cards but on the back burner.

My only wish is that I had come across this little gem while I was at art school, I would have done things a fair bit differently – but alas, the sped arrow and all that lark.

On the topic of illustration style, I found Ricardo Cortés’ compositions in some ways reminded me strongly of Cheri Samba’s. It’s the little nuances, not only in terms of compositions but the colour, the application of colour and technique. The mood also feels very relaxed, and observational.

===================|FEATURE PRESENTATION|==================

 Once again your weed and race obsessed fine artist extaordinare has illustrated, yet another interpretation of the miscegnation argument brought on by the reefer madness. While I’m for the most part pretty certain that noone would believe such nonsensical propaganda today, the very idea is still quite interesting to me. I’m still to this day getting so many different visuals in my head when those words come to mind.

Some of you will be familiar with this illustration, as I posted this on my other page a few weeks ago, but for those of you who haven’t been privied to such, here it is. The latest piece in my Wog Collection. Not fully complete as yet but mostly done. It’s the first in a series called, “Doll House Debauchery.”

Doll House Debauchery

“Barbie and Wog”

Continuing with the whole Wog and Doll motif, I carried it into a somewhat darker and sleazier direction. Using the iconic Barbie doll which is/was considered a symbol of innocence as well as a sex symbol. I also chose her because while I grew up playing with Ninja Turtles and Batman action figures, girls were playing with their dolls and I thought it might strike up some unusual yet familiar feelings for the ladies.

Through out the history of the Barbie doll, there has been criticism and such regarding the doll as a sex symbol. Which is actually kind of intriguing to me also because, as a child or more accuratley a toddler, I wanted a doll, not to play with, but to merely undress.
Fortunately I guess, for the young curious me, I had a few girl cousins who, like most girls had the dolls. So I used to perv on naked Barbies at a tender age of 3 or 4 years old and would thoroughly enjoy it. At this juncture I guess it was pretty weird considering I wasn’t even old enough to know why this was (I can only surmise, human nature), knowing nothing of sexuality, no less, self awareness.
T’ings and times, see. One of the many strange phases of growing up but it should please you to know, that I grew out of that not long after. As such I can safely say that I have no sexual interest in inanimate objects; on the contrary I find myself strangely repulsed by them (dolls) in general. – The human psyche, is one weird s.o.b.

Dillusion II

“Repredation of Plastic” at 25% completion.

I digress a little though.

In his little sexcapade, the dark figure in this series, attempts to destroy as many barriers as he can, destroying the faux innocence of Barbie. So many directions I can take this but for now that is as far as I have gotten. I was thinking this could possibly have a Beauty and The Beast theme to it or Phantom of the Operah spliced with a bit of the Nut Cracker Suite. In the spirit of the holiday.

I have some more potentially

==================|CULTURE |==================

It’s been a long time since I had so much culture in a post. I have some interesting links from around and about the place.

I came across this site, “We Are Marijuana Majority” about a month or two ago, worth a look certainly. At the head of this page is Morgan Freeman, what a lad. Alas he is one of the many familiar faces listed on the site with an interesting mix of liberals’ and conservatives’ pro marijuana quotes. Bill O’Reilly even features, though I’m not entirely certain how genuine his words were. He’s not the only wing-nut however, Glen Beck says, probably the smartest thing he’ll ever have said in his life.

Marijuana Majority - Morgan Freeman at the top of the list.

Marijuana Majority – Morgan Freeman at the top of the list.

Wild though it is, everyone will have their views on the drug war and the war on free will. Such different people from all kinds of backgrounds and careers.

“Marijuana Majority exists to help more people understand the simple fact that supporting commonsense solutions like regulating marijuana sales and ending marijuana arrests are mainstream positions and that there’s no reason those who support reform should be afraid to say so.”

– Taken from Marijana Majority About Page

  • And I have two articles to share with you.The first, is in regards to contact highs – which is a short investigative look at the potency of second hand marijuana smoke and how it effects the victims – I say “victim” for dramatic effect, in jest, obviously. Funny enough there were scientific experiments conducted on a select few people who basicially had to endure an intense hot boxing session, without smoking directly themselves.
  • The second article is a photo blog looking in on patients of medical marijuana, who medicate legally in the U.S. of A – it’s a bit of an introspective from the narrator or protagonist in this photo journey.

Both come from the online magazine, Slate. It’s not a bad place to read a few opinions on current events. In fact they’ve had a few high profile contributors over some time. One’s such as, Christopher Hitchens and Fareed Zakaria.

==================| NEWS |==================

Good news everyone, my ‘Herbal Tees’ shirts are now available for purchase at – Yes that means you can finally get your hands on a, ‘Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing’ Tee, at what will soon to be the sickest online headshop around cyber town.

420 Fortunes

Yes, finally after much time of lollygagging and dillydallying, the time has come.

This will probably be the second last post for the year…. I know, not even a whole month, right.

A site that I have tremendous time for, at the moment. This is the essence of Herbal Tees, they are what “Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing” is all about.

Leaving you all with this tune I’ve recently learned of. A little indie/hipster thing going on but it still feels good.

Irie folks,

thanks for the continuous support guys, I just want you all to..

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing

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