Scratch That…

…I’m back.

After a rather short lived hiatus. I must say, I’ve missed WordPress and it’s homeliness.

I’ve given the blog a little revamp, not sure how I feel about this layout but we’ll see in time if I keep it. My artist statement also had a little update/refurbish.

In fairness prior to my decision to go off the grid, I wasn’t exactly making work and posting all that regular. In part, I had my job to thank for that but now luckily I’ve gotten a bit more time for my practice.

It would also do me a world of good to continue building up ye olde portfolio, if I’m serious about getting myself out there and gaining any form of success. Oh right, and I finally found a truck load of inspiration and stimulus.

So I’ve been working on a lot of collages, of which I used as way of getting my thoughts on; war, protest, religion, advertising, industry, identity and technology. My mind’s really been scattered, thus this medium more interesting to me these days. It almost serves as a mind map or a reference point I can return to when I want to paint something concerning certain issues and such.

When you look at collage, it’s a bunch of images not always necessarily relating to one another but never the less creates a narrative. When done properly it creates some intrigue.

There’s a lot of posts coming up so I’m trying to keep them short. Plus it’s hard to compete with people’s attention span these days. Thus, I’m not giving any in depth descriptions – let your mind be the interpreter.

Let’s commence.

(Top) "My Darling Fraudulent Angel" (Bottom) The Rapture

(Top) “My Darling Fraudulent Angel” (Bottom) The Rapture

N.B. The top and bottom images are their own separate collages, however they’re posted on the same page for convenience. Also the majority of the images that make up my collages come from all over the Googlesphere as opposed to the traditional magazine, book or newspaper cutouts. Again… convenience, folks.

Lupe Fiasco’s – Streets On Fire, had a small bit to play in options for imagery and composition. The nuns, the whores and “..the neon signs by the loudspeakers repeating that everything is fine..”

And look at that, it’s Lupe.

For the next few weeks, there will be a pretty constant flow of work going on here, so keep up for sure.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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