Weed Wins

Despite the world being upside down, little by litte the people are wising up.

Apparently cannabis is winning the west. According to polls, 53% of Americans think cannabis should be legalised. Genk reckons it won’t be long until it finally becomes 100% legal.

I hope his prediction is accurate. As I’d be very interested to see what happens after it becomes completely legal in the U.S.

Would it mean the U.N. scrapping that anti drug bill the U.S. pressured other countries into signing? Would my island in the West Indies and neighboring islands finally follow suit?

Plenty of jobs would be created in the agricultural industry, I’m sure with hemp hopefully getting the thumbs up. I could see our sugar cane fields being replaced by cannabis and hemp.

Perhaps the Caribbean’s tourism would get a well needed economic boost. Tourists might well visit the Windies, to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and ganja.

Well c’mon America, step it up!

Legalise it, don’t fight it!

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